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Mike and Lori Davis, Owners of HiBar Ranch, Farm and Forest

We live in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and run a small diversified organic farm called HiBar Ranch.  We are retired now and farm full time.


At HiBar Ranch we believe in and operate a sustainable low impact non-chemical diversified farming operation.  We utilize organic feeds for our farm animals and rotational grazing that is “least impact” on the lands and waters of our farm.  With both of us having forty plus years of professional experience in renewable energy and environmental science, we have dedicated our lives to harnessing the best practices in emerging research in environmental science to our farm.  We apply these principles at our ranch/farm and in agricultural practices specifically, to assure that our animals, our food and our land are optimally healthy and sustainably grown, harvested and managed.

Both Mike and Lori now farm for a living, as well as consult, write and research on the subjects that sit at the nexus of energy, agriculture, food and the environment, for stakeholders in public and private sectors in the US and Asia.  Lori is a freelance journalist and avid poet, writing often through poetry, about the things she witnesses in rural America and the social upheavals taking place around the world.  Both Mike and Lori have lived overseas in China for a time and have an interesting take on the differences and common ground of Eastern versus Western thought.


Farming is a vital part of our region’s brand, recreation, artisan and tourism re-vitalization effort.  Farming exemplifies a heartfelt tie between our heritage, our people, our land, our culture (folk art) and our future.  It bridges young and old, visitor and local.  The scenery of our farms’ vast open spaces accentuating majestic views, the food it provides for our restaurants and community citizens, the art products via clothes, bags, hats, mittens, blankets, etc. all shape a region for the better.


While our hands are tied to the land and our livestock, our hearts are tied to the Lord who gives us strength and blessings every single day.  Our goal with our farm is to engage with others in touching the lives of children and adults alike who are looking for a new path, one tied to nature and spirit, unshackled from the insanity that exists around us.  Farming and nature provide a pleasant respite from a fast-paced world and allows us to re-center on things that matter.  The Lord works miracles every day and on our farm we see the majesty, beauty and supreme elegance of his grand design.  And, when children interact with our animals  and land they are touched in a very special way.  Our goal is to bring Christ and Children together through experiences in farming and learning how to do things by hand – the  way we used to.  Such activities instill confidence, curiousity, joy and love.


On our farm we raise alpaca and Navajo Churro sheep for fiber/wool.  The sheep are also a meat and milk breed as well.  We also raise meat rabbits (Flemish Giants/New Zealands), Rhode Island Red Production chickens, Pekin and Rouen ducks, Chocolate heritage turkeys, Nigerian Dwarf diary goats, Baldy and Holstein cattle, American Quarter horses, honey bees and Red Wiggler worms for composting.  We also sell organic compost material and do custom milling with our portable log mill for our customersalong with many other value added products that are listed on our farm store page.


This site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. Please seek professional help when needed.


From both of us to all of you, may God bless your journey as you too get closer to the land and back to simplier ways of living!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. being that I grew up on a subsistence 160 acre farm in no. idaho, which over looked lake pend oreille, i must come and visit you folks. mike, i see that you are a vietnam, i was a trauma surgeon there in 1967, also, in my life time i owned two portable sawmills, built two log houses with them. HOPE TO VIST YOU THIS YEAR. My e-mail address is jpmiller1937@gmail.com. have you thot of having a group of artist put on a camp for kids to show them how to create art. myself and anne are accomplished artists, i have three others that would come with us??

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