Day 4 Of Our Queen Anne Victorian Rennovation And Life On Our Farm

Well, it is getting quite exciting now.  After four days the framers have framed in the entire expansion off the kitchen I posted about on day two and have now got alot of the big great room done off the back of the house that overlooks the Smoky Mountains.  It is beginning to take shape and we are really excited.  The framers should have the roof on the back great room by end of day today.  The fireplace folks will be out Monday to assess the stone fireplace and massive chimney that needs to be built very soon.

Here are pictures of progress as of yesterday eve.


The Great Room ~ 24×24 Room With Vaulted Ceilings, Big Windows And Stone Fireplace


High Ceiling – We Will Be Adding Big Exposed Beams Inside For Effect


Big Windows And French Doors Out To A Deck Are On Every Wall – The Far Diagonal Will Be A Stone Fireplace


Mike Watching The Framers Do Their Thing


I Am In Love With The Vaulted Ceiling And Big Picture Frame Windows


The View Of Chilhowee Mountains And The Foothills Of The Smokies


The Windows Will Also Look Out At Our Horse Barn And Riding Ring – When The Leaves Are Off The Trees This Whole Skyline Is Mountain Views


Our Meat And Dairy Goats Free Ranging In The Yard While They Build


Getting A Victorian Addition To NOT Look Like An Addition Is An Art Form – Thank Goodness My Husband Is A Great Designer And Engineer And So Is My Dad


Leaves Are Just Starting To Turn


Another Shot Of The Great Room Addition From A Different Angle


Our White Midget And Chocolate Turkeys Free-Ranging While We Build


Our Turkeys And Our Rooster – Russell Crowe – Shopping In The Yard


Russell Crow — Crowing … Like Always


Our Roosters Have Been Banished From The Hen House – They Wait Upon Their Ladies


Yet Another Male Rooster – A White Leghorn – Wondering When He Will See His Girls Again

IMG_8028 (1).jpg

A View Of The 12×12 Addition Also Going On Off The Kitchen


The Cool Colors Of Our White Midget Tom


Our Male Chocolate Mating Our Female Chocolate While The White Midget Does His Turkey Dance – Too Funny – As I Dont Think She Is Noticing


Boo As We Have Named Him Is Dancing For More Ladies


Farm Life Here At HiBar Ranch


The Beautiful Fall Days Here At HiBar – The Adventure Continues!

We hope you enjoyed our update on the exciting rennovation we are doing here at HiBar Ranch here in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

God Bless! L. Davis

One thought on “Day 4 Of Our Queen Anne Victorian Rennovation And Life On Our Farm

  1. The work looks like it’s progressing well.

    Ah yes. The romantic hijinks of farm animals! I had no idea that chickens mating could cause romantic feelings in turkeys. *Sheila romps around the room doing the turkey dance* Too bad that like the turkey, no one will notice! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

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