The Wrath Of The Gods (POEM)


Bridge Of  The Gods – Columbia Gorge Burning, Oregon 9/6/17 &

Hurricane Irma – Goddess Of War Taking Aim On Florida 6/6/17

A poem about the destruction we are currently seeing in America through natural disaster.


The Wrath Of The Gods (POEM)

The wrath of the gods how they burn

using embers to destroy peace

how they spurn.


Their wrath a hot flame

casting hot embers on shame

we weep now as all is upturned.


Hurricane winds they rage war,

they howl and keep score,

they shred every ounce of construct.


They whip and they howl,

turning water so foul,

leaving their mark as they come to destruct.


We wretched ones groan,

as we stand all alone,

watching society fall into despair.


The wrath of the gods,

dictators with nuclear rods,

hell bent on a fatalist dare.


There is great karma right here

I can hear nation states cheer

as they watch great America burn.


While the rest of us see

embers destroying forest and trees

as coasts disappear in floodwater’s churn.


I will get on my knee

and pray to the Lord for reprieve

in hopes that this period will end.


But if it does not

America will brace for the onslaught,

praying we don’t break but merely bend.


Some say this happens in each generation while others proclaim its karmic reshuffling of station.

Enemies say it is a curse on our nation, while others say we’ve entered the days of tribulation.


While none of those may be true

it still may very well be true to you

but for all its a gift/curse of creation.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

I wrote this poem tonight as these times in America are perilous ones.  Many are superstitious during such periods . I studied extensively pre-history and historical windows where superstition became rampant.  Such periods as when Krakatoa blew during the 1883 eruption is worth study and the convergence of natives and sophisticates and their unique and differentiated responses over time.  Truly fascinating.  Thusly, for those  who are aware of the Great American eclipse we had August 21st and big solar flares in the sky, the constellation pattern September 23rd that is mentioned in Revelations 12, along with a Hurricane named after the war goddess and a beautiful area completely burned called Bridge of The Gods, outside of Portland Oregon….well some might get concerned at a deeper level.  In fact the whole west coast is burning, not just the location of the bridge of the gods.  With America burning on the west coast from north to south, and with Hurricane Harvey now Irma, then two more coming in — I wrote this poem from that perspective when a society begins to fret like those varied walks of life did in the same geogrpahy in 1883 when Krakatoa blew and its ripple effect around the world.  Extensive research was done on that period in history and research shows when extreme disasters hit, societal elements get more superstitious, there is a direct link and it may be tied to DNA and faith based – of all religous sects including Eastern, Western and pagan especially when there is already prophetic doctrine on the events within windows of time.  One adds such elements of geo-political tensions on the Korean peninsula and its a tinder box in the minds of many.









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