I Escaped Today To My Off The Grid Cabin To Get Away From The News

Here in the United States it appears there are disasters everywhere.  Fires in the west as I take a deep breath.  My twin sister, a firefighter in Portland Oregon, just hopped a plane to head out on vacation.  Indeed, Oregon is burning and as terrible as it sounds, I am darned happy she is not battling the scary blaze currently running through the gorge region.  But on fires it seems everything in the west is burning –  Montana, California and parts of Western Canada too.  Then there is the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey not to be outdone by the impending Hurricane Irma, daring to make a name for herself as the strongest storm ever recorded.  Well, maybe that was fake news becuase who can really tell anymore.  But, it appears she is quite disasterous as well.  Us Americans, well we brace.  We brace for the storm.  Then there is North Korea, which would seem so far away it doesn’t matter.  But, that matters too.

With television and internet news blaring like sirens, it gets to be too much these days.  Wasn’t it just last month when we were in the dog days of August with our biggest complaint simply being it was hot?  September sure came in with a roar.

I did what I do best today, I escaped.  I left my comfortable home to retreat into my wilderness.  Indeed, my worst case scenario for a grid down event just happens to be my best case scenario.  We built a tiny little cabin in the woods off the grid with wood stove heat, oil lamps and will be installing solar panels soon and gravity fed water system.  This little sanctuary is a little oasis in the storm.

I escaped to it this afternoon and low and behold a mammoth storm hit with lightening and pouring rain flooding the farm.  But, I was tucked away nicely in my little sanctuary that I call my worst case/best case life.  Honestly, I think I could live like this without power, just by candles, oil lamps and wood stove heat.  I can be wrapped in my wool blankets while I rock in my rocking chair reading one of my Foxfire books.  Or, I can be sitting at my writers desk writing poetry.  If that isnt enough, I can perch my behind on one of the adirondack chairs on the covered porch and watch the wilderness light up from lightening, hear the cracks of thunder and feel the rain’s mist on my face.

Let me show you my afternoon and I am curious, if this were your worst case grid down scenario would you hate it or like it?


Our Off The Grid Cabin Before The Storm


My Outdoor Retreat Before The Storm Hit


I Head Inside As The Rains Start


I Light The Candles And Oil Lamps


I Decide To Write In My Journal


The Lightening And Thunder Start – I Lay Down And Listen To The Storm


The Storm Gets Really Wild


I Go Out On The Covered Porch – Lightening And Thunder Is Directly Overhead


I Find It Beautiful And Powerful In The Woods With The Storm


The Maples And Pines Are Thrashing In The Winds

IMG_7102 (1).jpg

The Storm Intensity Is Awesome


The Rain On The Metal Roof Is So Loud And The Remote Path To The Cabin Begins Flooding


This Forest Is So Alive!


I Love This Pic – The Intensity Of The Woods And The Candle In The Window


The Stormy Porch In Color


I Go Back Inside To My Cozy Bed And Listen To The Storm


My Oil Lamps Take Me Back In Time To A Simpler Life


I Grab A Foxfire Edition And Read While I Listen To The Storm

That was my crazy awesome afternoon.  Having a get away cabin that is completely functional and off the grid is really a special thing.  I have blogged before on this little cabin of ours that my husband finished for me.  He bought the shell and finished the floors and put in the fireplace and made the furniture.  We go in here all the time and light a fire in the woodstove and escape from civilization to what we actually think is a better life.

For those of you who have the opportunity to get a little piece of land and place a little prepper / weekend getaway / off the grid cabin on the land…..it is such a dream come true and we love it.

We hope you have a great day too and that you are not in the path of any of these storms, floods or fires.  And back to my question, in a grid down situation would this be a set up you would hate or love, or something in between?

God Bless! L. Davis

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