She Walked In The Woods For A Time (POEM)

Written for a special friend capturing a true and prophetic experience she had recently while walking in the woods.  I hope I did her journey justice with this poem.

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She Walked In The Woods For A Time (POEM)

She walked alone in the woods,

lulled by a calling she couldn’t describe.

Her world transformed within her,

the wildness called deep inside.

She was home she knew in an instant

For a time there was knowing so pure.

Nature began speaking without words,

Unwinding the past, now healing, a cure.

A broken heart still beating, now awakened,

as she walked and walked some more.

The earth it whispered to her,

telling her world’s dark times have come to the fore.

Her totem, the bear, walked beside her,

with footsteps leaving marks on earth’s floor.

The bear, a mother, of all things,

it shared, “it is time, so beware.”

The knowing swept over her gently.

The bear said “move forward but walk with care.”

The guide and the traveller, now interwoven,

like the convergence of destiny on time.

Crashing resoundingly into knowing,

“dear one, you are headed for an unparralled climb.”

“You will walk where others can’t fathom,”

said her totem that walked by her side.

“But pay heed my friend, walk softly,

Dont walk however, were burnt things reside.

Death it lives in the center,

in the core of many things there is rot.

The rot is a wound now rancid,

casting sickness to all who can’t handle the onslaught.

Instead walk with me in the silence,

circumvent the paths of your kind.

Because the turbulance that now has awakened,

will shatter unprepared minds.

She walked in the woods for a time,

until time disappeared all together.

Then she knew, and stopped short in the meadow,

thanking her totem for the warning of  inclement weather.

She turned home and with a deep sigh,

she felt the tears of earth mother cry.

With arms wrapped around herself in comfort,

she knew the healer had given her a forewarn

that what was happening all around her

was the cosmic fabric of humanity torn.

The little girl now connected with winged ones,

the healer now engaged with the bear,

She walked in the woods for a time

and thanked the woodlands for their spirited care.

~ L. Davis #thepoetfarmer

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