Fall Arriving Early At Our Farm


I can feel it in the air this morning early as I write this.  The temperature has cooled a great deal.  It is only breaking above 50 degrees this morning.  The chill in the air outside is in contrast to the long warm days of August. Our Queen Anne Victorian house sits atop a mountain top looking out at all this transforming fall splendor.


Perched Atop Our Knoll The Grass Is Drenched In Early Morning Dew

The dew sits longer on the grasses, rising up in a mystic smoke this morning. It is mesmerizing.


The Cool Morning Mist As Moisture Rises Slowly From Its Damp Green Carpet

Indeed, August left and September is here.  We recently moved here to East Tennesssee at the base of the Smoky Mountains from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.  Both places are truly lovely.  The turning of fall is always our greatest joy of the year.

We have always been vivid watchers of first turns, I will call them.  These are the early transitions towards fall on the farm.

Well, for sure things are changing here now.  This morning, the coolness is vividly noticed as the sun breaks over the foothills range of the Smokies and begins to soak our farm.


The Sun Starting Its Work This Morning To Wake Our Farm From Its Slumber

The first most noticable is the dogwoods, whose leaves are interspersed with deep red leaves, some orange and some still green.  They are truly stunning in fall.  And, the turning is just beginning this time of year.


Our Dogwoods Beginning To Turn

The azeleas are in bloom as well as they seem to bloom here in fall at the farm.  Leaves are dying on their vines saying goodbye to another farming season.


Leaves Beginning To Die On Our Farm And Ready To Drop Their Summer Foliage

The valley floor below us on our farm still isn’t sure it wants to rise yet.  It is still too cool, it says.


The Sun Just Beginning To Crest Over The Foothills


Let Me Sleep Awhile Longer Our Valley Says

The wildlife are moving nearer to the interior of the farm, where this morning I spotted a hawk hunting on our railing here near the main house.  The deer are rummaging through the yard trying to seize some of the extra bird seed left behind on the ground by the birds.


A Buck And Two Does Rummaging Through Our Yard

The squirrels are frantically hoarding nuts as we speak, often getting in fights with their fellow nut grabbers.  I can hear their litle voices shreaking from my office while I type.  Our goats are going crazy as it is quite obviously time for them to begin breeding.

We are fascinated by this transition in fall.  Is it the temperature drop that causes this big shift?  How do these animal and plants know such things?  I am guessing so.

This is also a time when I go into the woods to my writers cabin.  There is something special in the woods this time of year.  The dew stays longer on the ground in the morning and as the early morning sun filters through the pines, the smells of woodlands rises from the earth.  Truly these woods at this time of year are a zen retreat all into themselves.


My Woodland Sanctuary


My Writers Cabin And Where Our Family Stays When They Visit

There are even reds in the woods, just beginning.


Woodland First Turnings

The firewood is ready, waiting for the temperatures to drop a little further so that wood smoke can fill the cabin.

IMG_6959 (1).jpg

Ready And Waiting For The First Burn In The Cabin This Fall

Truly the shift from summer to fall is so special to us at our farm.


A Fall Respite From Society For A Time

I look out at the Smokies right in front of me from my window and I exhale.  All is right with the world.  Yes, Hurricane Harvey devestated Houston and even blew through here the last few days downing limbs and trees and totally destroying my okra and cotton stands that were too tall to hide from its wicked winds.  But still, in my own little world, there is beauty here and peace.  There is a calming in the earth and in the dirt that merges with my consciousness that signals me to slow down, to be still, be present.

The Lord is so full of blessings and this morning, as the fall season begins to knock on the door to our farm, I am in awe.

May you all have a blessed Sunday and enjoy these most amazing transitions we will be seeing through fall.

I think it is time for me to get out my harvest decorations and begin to transform this Victorian farm house into a harvest home!

God Bless! L. Davis


One Of Our Already Ripe Pumpkins At Our Farm

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