Farm Morning, Stunning To The Onlooker

As my husband headed out the drive yesterday morning I was struck by the skies.  It was seven a.m. and the skies were on fire.  The sun was rising over the foothills of the Smokies casting light down on the farm in only random spurts of sunlight, while the sun’s light was radiating orange off the clouds.  It was wild and on fire. Then, in front of my eyes a huge rainbow broke out spanning our entire farm.

I most often blog on our farm life – animal husbandry that we do so much of, baby goats and sheep, ducks and chicks.  Or, I write on the garden, the orchard or the nut trees. In season, there are the blogs on the garden and how well the vegetables and fruit are doing.

But on those special occasions when the sky just explodes, I have to blog about the sky.  I am sure many homesteaders will tell you, just being able to witness the stunningly spectacular variability of nature itself is one of the best aspects to farming/homesteading/living rural.  When we have the space to stretch our limbs, sit down with a cup of coffee, and WATCH – well, we see a whole lot.

It is always special in the most profound of ways.  I wanted to share shots from yesterday morning of the sky and the rainbow.  But, I also wanted to share shots of yet more interesting objects that appear in my camera that appear to be flying objects of some unidentified kind, not too unlike the odd objects I caught on camera during the solar eclipse last month.

This just shows that there is so many odd, stunning, interesting things that can be witnessed by simply being still on a farm.

Here are the pictures.


The Rainbow At Sunrise As The Clouds From Hurricane Harvey Arrive At Our Farm


Another Without The Filter


The Smokies In The Background


Two Strange Objects Caught On Camera Over The House


Another Shot Of One Of The Objects Directly Above The Treeline

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.11.46 AM.png

A Close Up Of One Of The Objects

The flying objects are very interesting as they were not visible with the human eye like our shots we got during the eclipse.  I wrote another blog on those.  But I will post the pictures we got of other objects August, 21st.  Who knows what the objects are.  The world as viewed from our little porch on our farm never seems to get boring.


Taken Approximately 10 Minutes Before 100% Coverage Of Solar Eclipse


Taken Seconds Before The Shot Above

We hope you can take time to stop and rest for a while, with the ability to look out and watch the natural world around you.  Have a great weekend!

God Bless! L. Davis



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