42 Countries In 31 Days ~ Visitors To Our Homesteading and Self-Sufficiency Blog In August


Sunrise At Our Farm This Morn

August shattered the records for visitors to our blog that “Celebrates Rural Living” at http://www.hibarranch.com.  It was a busy month transitioning over to fall activities at the farm and we wrote on that along with the Great American Eclipse that was at 100% at our farm.  All in all, August was a wonderful month and I wanted to show you the countries that our readers came from.  Here we go!

US, India, Canada, UK , Brazil, Isreal, Australia, Philippines, Ireland, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Russia, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Austria, Mexico, Kuwait, Bhutan, Romania, Argentina, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Slovakia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Namibia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Poland, St Kitts and Nevis, Mongolia, Indonesia, Paraguay, Kenya, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Zambia and Angolia.

Thank you all for being so interested in farm poetry, organic farming, simple living, self sufficiency, prepping, made by hand and farming/homesteading.

Since it is now September 1st, I thought I would post a picture of this morning’s sunrise with the beautiful rainbow that graced our farm.  This is the storms blowing in here in East Tennessee from Hurricane Harvey.

At HiBar we wanted our readers to know it is always great to see the growing interest in these areas we write on, by people from around the world.

The 5 top read blog posts for the month of August were in decending order if you have missed any over the course of the month.

A Day In The Life Of A Farmerclick here

A Typical Weekend In A Harvest Home ~ click here

Passing On Traditions To My Daughter ~ click here

A Late Summer Walk On Our Farm ~ click here

How To Harvest And Process Your Pears ~ click here

Let us be the first to say to you, have a happy harvest season and we look forward to blogging more about life on the farm.

God Bless! L. Davis

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