Our Day At The Farm ~ A Busy Saturday


Getting In Position To Load The Hay

As I have been blogging about hay – it is because the phrase “you gotta make hay when the sun shines!” is totally a legit phrase.  With us needing to get in 800 bales this weekend before it rains as the bales are on the ground, we started bright and early this morning while the sun was rising over the mountains.  Here is how we do it folks who have never done hay before.

Above you see we back the truck up to the hay elevator.


Mike Adjusting The Hay Elevator

Then we get the hay elevator in the right position to start bringing up hay.  Below you can see that our barn runs on solar power for lights.  There is no electricity so we use a generator for the hay elevator.  Then, Mike loads the hay on the elevator and I am upstairs catching the bales.  I grab four and put them on a hand truck then truck them down to the other end of the barn.  I proceed to stack, stack, stack, stack.  Then I rinse and repeat that hundreds and hundreds of times.


Mike With Generator Running And Hay Elevator Powered With First Bale On


And Now We Begin

I stop taking pictures now as it is my job to haul the bales and my husband is wondering why I am taking so much pictures.  But, before I head in to start working I am enthralled by my view around me and take more pictures.


The View Behind Me From The Barn

I try and get a shot of the first morning sun hitting the pine trees turning their trunks a bright red.  The foothills rise in the destance beyond our valley.


Textures And Colors Of The Mountains

I always love the layers of woodlands here. The swaths of color are so beautiful to me, particularly early in the morning as the sun starts cresting over the range.  Below I just had to take this picture as it captures the first signs of fall with dying leaves beginning to grace this canvas we call our farm.  The barbed wire and old fence post cracks with a story, a story of time and testimony about life on the farm.


The First Dying Leaves Of Fall Next To Old Fence Posts And Barbed Wire

Below is old fence post and barb wire in abstract/stencil format.  Too cool for words.  Who says farmers cant be artsy on occasion.  Oh, right!!! I am supposed to go upstairs and do hay now.  Mike tells me I am dangerous with my camera…that I never get work done as I am always taking pictures.  True…true.


Old Fence Post And Barbed Wire In Stencil

I load the hay stuffed to the gills on the second floor of the barn.  After we are done the animals are a tad inquisitive so I take the camera around to get shots of some of the farm critters who are thrilled about fresh hay in the barn.

The horses are looking on attentively.  Here are a few pictures of the critters and our livestock barn surround.


Our Three Palomino Quarter Horses Are Jazzed About The New Hay


The Sun Has Finally Risen Over The Mountains And Brightening Up Our Work Zone


Yes, Some People Do Still Live Where The Gravel Flies — US!!


The Hay We Just Finished Unloading ~ We Have 800 Bales To Do This Weekend


Our Three Horses Sleeping By The Goat Door To Pester Them I Think


Patches Our Navajo Churro Ewe ~ She Wants Grain


Our Ducks We Hatched Out This Spring Chilling In The Center Area Of The Barn ~ Their Work Is Done — Eating That Is


Our Sheep And Goats Happily Looking On


Mary My Regal Looking Navajo Churro Ewe


Lambo My Blind Lamb I Bottle Fed From Birth This Spring


More Ducks Taking Over Even More Of The Livestock Barn ~ Just Because They Can

We hope you enjoyed touring our hay morning that started bright and early.  And now I have to get back to the haying.

Sunday, while we usually go to church, we will continue again with 300 more bales in the barn and then we are done until next summer.

God Bless! L. Davis


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