A Late Summer Walk On Our Farm

There are days when I just walk.  I walk the winding graveling roads of our farm, just looking.  This morning was one of those days.  I felt compelled to take my camera.  I am not sure why.  Do any of us really stop and ask ourselves why we do things?  Sometimes there is just a calling to do, and we do.

It was a special walk.  I want to share it with you through pictures.  It occurred to me later why the yearning to walk was so.  I think it is because the temperature has cooled though only slightly and it is beginning to feel a tad more like fall.  Fall in all its majesty – well it is truly my favorite time of year.

This morning I wanted to capture on camera what I saw in nature today and what was going on at the farm.

First I must say, I have no clue what the Great American Eclipse did to my hens.  But I collected 30 eggs this morning.  I usually get about 5 to 8 a day.  I didnt collect them yesterday.  So, I should have had 10 to 16.  But, I had double that.  I was totally shocked.


The Eggs Collected This Morning

These are some of my male birds – chickens and turkeys.  I have them outside the chicken coop now free ranging as I want to give my lady hens their freedom to lay and enjoy their lazy August days without harrassment from the roosters.


Some Of Our Boys Eating Sunflower Seeds

I am always struck by the flowers that seem to be blooming every month at our farm.  Here is morning glory and amarynth so beautifully vibrant next to each other.


Glorious Colors Of Nature

Flowers, flowers everywhere.  These flowers edge my picket fence of the garden.  They are so lovely.  I fill our house with fresh cut flowers almost always.

IMG_5374 (1).jpg

Late Summer Blooms On Our Farm

I travel around the side of the house to inspect the new addition work that is being done.  The cement has been poured and is drying now for a mason to come in and build a new foundation.  This room will be a 23×23 foot family room with big views of the smokies and vaulted ceiling with wood beams and a big stone fireplace with a deck off the back.  We are excited for this project to move forward.


Phase One Of Our Multi-Phased Addition – New Big Family Room With Mountain Views

I walk around the side of the house towards the views of the smokies and I notice my azaleas are all starting to bloom.  Mine bloom in spring and fall.  They are so lovely against our white victorian farm house.

IMG_5402 (1).jpg

Blooming Azaleas

The sun was just rising over the foothills of the Smokies and it was special to be able to capture this picture.  These are the golden hues of the sun breaking over the foothills and flooding our farm with warmth of a new day.  I love the reflection of the Smoky Mountains in the window, reflecting back the mountains we hold so hear.


Morning Sun Warming Our Porch And Reflecting The Smokies In The Window

The below photo is similar but it captures the new landscaping we just put in last month to finish the two year landscaping project we have been working so hard on.

IMG_5406 (1).jpg

Our New Landscaping Getting A Quench With Soaker Hoses

I head down to the equestrian barn and riding ring and find that our pumpkin vines are doing great.  I found this guy hiding under one of the riding ring round pen panels.  He sure looks ready for Halloween already.


Our Pumpkins Are Getting Big!

I move to one of our other planting beds near the riding ring and see that the cantaulope are doing well and there are about a half dozen that need to be picked soon once they starting a tannish color.


Our Melons Are Doing Great

We have two very active bee hives and I love seeing our happy bees busy with our our vegetables and fruits.  I loved getting a tight shot of this little guy.  It is so interesting the little hairs on the vine and the water droplets on the leaves.


A Busy Bee For Sure

Our little watermelon are too cute for words.  These are about the size of your pinky finger.  I just had to take pictures of them.


Watermelons – Still Tiny

I looked back up at our Victorian farm house from below and just loved the bright green grass and had to get a picture of the clear baby blue sky above.  We just put this lawn in this last fall as it was mostly weeds previously.


Our Queen Anne Victorian Farm House That Overlooks The Smoky Mountains

When we bought this farm we fell in love with the huge oaks and hickories that grace the yard and provide lovely shade in the summertime.  In fall the colors are bright red and then the tree sheds its leaves.  When this occurs it leaves us with absolutely huge views of the Smoky Mountains.  So, we are happy in every season with leaves on or off.  I love this tree.  It is truly stunning.


One Of Our Big Oaks With Ivy

As the sun is rising now over the foothills, it is starting to get high enough to break through the tree canopy.  It shines down on our copola and rose garden.


Our Little Victorian Oasis

I stop to look at our black walnuts to see how far they are along.  We harvest them and intend to do so this fall.  It is wonderful to have your own nut trees on your farm.


Walnuts Ripening

As the sun begins to shine down on the copola it radiates red off the roof in such nice contrast to the greens of nature.


The Horse Barn And Riding Ring

Victorian dreams I think start with a swing.  This is the most lovely place to swing and look out over the Smokies.  It is such a blissful spot.


Victorian Swings – Every Girls Dream

I liked this shot of the swing where it really stood out as if to say….swing with me for a while.


Swing Time In Summer – Before The Fall Leaves Turn

I head down the gravel path into the woods and notice that some of the woodland colors are beginning to turn red.  Of course this is only the beginning of several months of amazing color.  I love living in the mountains.


The First Reds Of Fall Just Beginning To Emerge

I head down to my private writers cabin deep in the woods.  Oh, how I love our little cabin my husband made for me and for the kids and grandkids when they come visit.  He bought an exterior kit and built the whole interior from the flooring up.  I love this sacred place.


Our Cabin In The Woods

Stepping inside the cabin is like stepping back in time.  It takes you to another place and a different state of mind.  This little place truly slows you down the minute you step foot inside and smell the balsam and pine.


Our Little Cabin In The Woods

There in the corner is my writers desk where I write by lamp oil and flickering flame.  I write a great deal of poetry here particularly in winter when the wood stove is crackling and the air is cold outside.  Tucked in this little sanctuary it is as if the modern world is a million miles away.


My Writers Desk

A room with a view like none other.  Pure nature/wilderness as we back up to Smoky Mountain National Park through woods unbroken by development.  Here with door open and fire going, there is only nature.


Alone Doesnt Mean Lonely – It Means Serenity

Often this is my chapel where I sit and pray, stand and ponder…..or just watch.  The sun sets right out yonder through those trees, filtering light beams through green leaves.  Stunning it is….always, particularly in fall when the sun filters through bright red and orange leaves cutting a swath through my heart like no other season can.


Forest With Mountain Ridges In The Background

A nice reminder on the front door of the cabin that we have entered a different space, where bears, pine cones and canoes are the thing of the day.  We love that.


Art Of The Mountains

I head on my gravel and dirt path away from the cabin and look back.  I stop for a moment appreciating the lovely simplicity of this little place.  It is special for so many reasons but mostly becuase my husband built everything inside that cabin – the couch, the bed, the tables, the shelves, the beautiful pine floors, the tile for the fireplace, installed the fireplace……….I love this hidden gem in our private wilderness.


The Writers Cabin – Always Waiting For A Family Guest To Rest A While

I head down the foot path/atv trail to return back to civilization not sure I am quite ready.  I am always called to stay a tad longer in the woods.  But alas, the Smokies in the distance call me forward and I keep walking with camera in hand.


Heading Away From The Cabin Up The Private Trail Looking At The Smokies

I pop out to daylight and baby blue skies with the foothills in front and the sounds of farm animals calling for breakfast.  I realize I have drifted for a time with my camera and I should head back to the house.  Before I do chores I do realize how blessed my life is and how special these simple walks through a small portion of our farm fills me with wonder and appreciation every time I stop long enough to just be present to witness the goodness.  I hope you enjoyed taking this journey with us today.  I didnt take you on a journey today through the rest of our farm, our big livestock barn with horses, sheep, goats and ducks, or our fish pond with catfish and bluegill, or our lower pastures in the valley with cows and alpaca and a larger mountain cabin.  That is for another time as I do many such walks and we have over 70 animals not including our apiary or fish pond, so we hope you will join us again.

God Bless! L. Davis

IMG_5798 (1).jpg

5 thoughts on “A Late Summer Walk On Our Farm

  1. You are a woman after my own heart! I enjoyed “walking” with you. A lovely amble along the path and a treat for the eyes with your beautiful photography. I am a new blogger and look forward to your posts.


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