The Solar Eclipse (POEM)

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The Solar Eclipse (POEM)

The eclipse it obscures in suspended time

celestial bodies so sublime.

The sun in all its regal power

stepping back for a sacred hour.

The moon soon frames like iron or steel

the halo of the sun’s appeal.

And in a gasp the nation stills

as daytime stalls and air sends chills.

Then it comes, a haunting dim

as sun slips behind moon’s outer rim.

And for a time as the ancients say

the moment’s sacred its time to pray.

For all to reflect the power of light

that wakes us up and transforms the night.

For as humanity has known before

we can walk together or we can walk no more.

For in each society that has watched this sky

there’s lessons here for those questioning why.

The truth is that for all black there’s white

for every day there is the night.

The Eastern peoples they do know

Yin and Yang is balance bestowed.

So as we watch this sacred course

As sun steps back without remorse.

The moon steps forward to boldly claim

Its place for a time. its place of fame.

May we walk together like the sun and moon,

And may that walk be very soon.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer









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