Did I Capture A UFO On My Camera Yesterday During The Eclipse? !! ? Check Out The Pictures

As our followers know who read our homesteading and farming blog, we posted yesterday that we were running experiments here at the farm yesterday in terms of how our farm animals would react during the Great American Solar Eclipse.  We live right at the edge of Smoky Mountain National Park, one of the hottest and busiest destinations for solar eclipse watching this year due to 100% coverage of the sun by the moon.

While I will post another blog today on the behavior of our animals, I MUST show you all these pictures that I just found when downloading my digital camera to my computer.

First, I do not believe in UFOS.  I guess my view is that if they were really there I would have seen them already.  I do not assume they aren’t real.  I just havent seen any evidence really.  So, I am not trying to lead anyone towards anything.

Second, the camera setting I used is an artsy setting that takes four rapid succession shots in different style formats about 1/100th of a second apart.  So, these two pictures I am about to show you were picture number two and then picture number three in the sequence of four.  There was no object in picture number one or picture number four.

Also, to note – there were no birds that were active at ALL at this point in time.  This was about 15 minutes before the full eclipse.  So, notice that the goats dont move as it was too quick between shots.  Also notice how fast that object must have moved.  Then, notice that the first picture I post is the 2nd picture in the series and the 3rd picture is the third in the series.  That would mean if it were a bird, though there were none in the sky at this time, the bird would have needed to dive bomb down that far in 1/100th of a second.

So, here you go……you decide.

Picture #1, second in the sequence, taken 15 minutes before solar eclipse was full, after all birds had stopped moving, flying, chirping, etc.


Shot From Our Farm Overlooking The Foothills Of The Smokies With Object Up High In The Sky

Picture #2, taken 1/100th of a second later.


The Object Dropped Directly Down……Almost Linearly…..In 1/100th Of A Second

So, to put these two pictures side by side you can see even more clearly its movement in that span of time.

All we can say is…..WHAT IS THAT?!!

I will write my next blog now on how the animals behaved…but for sure…….this may well have been the wierdest part of our Great American Eclipse experience yesterday.

God Bless ! L. Davis

2 thoughts on “Did I Capture A UFO On My Camera Yesterday During The Eclipse? !! ? Check Out The Pictures

  1. I am a total skeptic too which is why it is wierd. I actually filed a report for it to be looked at scientifically. I have dozens of photos and my husband runs science energy/env. for US Govt. labs and he couldnt make sense of all our pics either … so we will get folks in who know this stuff to tell us….we will report back.


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