Apple Pie Traditions (POEM)

We love fall here at the farm.  There is nothing better for us than this time of year.  The leaves begin to dry in prep for their turning.  The grasses start turning golden in stark contrast to the blues of the mountain ridges and their curves.  And, the garden is taming its wild self.  But, beyond all measure is the joy when smells of baked apples permeate the house.  Yes, fall is rapidly approaching.  And, to celebrate the beginning of this most amazing time of year, I baked our family’s first apple pie for the season yesterday.  What a joy that brings to the whole family as they know that this is only the first of many between now and Christmas.

Apple Pie Traditions (POEM)

Apple pie, the flavors speak.

of family times and specials weeks.

When family comes to gather round,

as leaves they fall upon the ground.

Fall is here, we can smell the air,

where breezes cool and woods stand bare.

Stripped of color as bright leaves fall,

the smells of apple pie…well, it says it all.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer


Yesterday’s First Apple Pie Of Harvest Season – Laced With Sugar On Top!!

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