We Made Our Own Homemade Venison Jerky ~ Here’s How

As an organic diversified farm we take both homemade and healthy very seriously.  My daughter and I got two deer last year.  We needed to process the venison recently as our freezer is going to be full again with our cow this winter.  We wanted to make best use of the backstrap of the deer so my husband and I decided to make venison jerky last week.

I am going to show you how easy it is to make jerky.  Oh, by the way – it turned out amazing.

Here we go.

First, you want to thaw your meat you are going to use out a majority of the way but not entirely.  Somewhat frozen makes it easier to cut and work with.  You then get set up with cutting board, a good knife and several bowls.  Note this knife I am using is a special butchering knife.  I have a butchering glove that assures you dont get cut, but I didnt use it for this application.


Our Set Up To Begin To Process The Venison Back-Strap

You want to get out your seasonings and have that ready to go.  Here is the seasoning mix we used.


We Plan To Use The Herbs From The Jerky Works Kit

Next, you want to remove any fat and/or connective tissue on the meat and then cube the meat itself.


Separating Connective Tissue From Venison

Obviously, you keep the components separated.


Connective Tissue In Bowl Left And Cubed Venison Bowl Right

Then you assemble your meat grinder on a workable surface and get a tray to go underneath it. Then, with a partner you simply push this cubed meat through the grinder.  Viola, that easy on the grinding part.  Sometimes you have to open the grinder up and clean out the spicket at the front as it gets clogged a bit with fiberous tissue.


My Husband And I Grinding The Venison Down With The Meat Grinder


Mike Dis-Assembling And Cleaning The Grinder Head For Easier Grinding

After the meat is ground, you collect it and then mix your preferred jerky spices into the meat.  Please note that in the jerky kit we are using there is a special little device in it that pushes out the raw jerky through a thin slit opening that forms the shape of the jerky.  That is also seen below.


Mike Mixing The Seasonings For The Jerky

You then simply feed the venison meat/seasoning mix into the tube of the jerky device and then squeeze out onto the dehydrator tray.


Mike Reloading Meat Into The Handheld Jerky Maker


Mike And I Together Making Jerky – Placing It On Dehydrator Tray

Once a tray is full you move on to the next tray.  Once you are done you stack your trays and start your dehydrator.  You will use your meat setting and dehydrate the meat for four to fifteen hours.  We did ours for the max amount of time.


One Tray Ready To Go Into Dehydrator

Below you see my dehydrator going.  It is next to my cream separator and on the bottom of my processing table under the blue towels all of my pears harvested from last week are curing!  You can also see our potato harvest down there as well.  So excited by my harvest table.


Our Venison Jerky Drying Now

And fifteen hours later we had this!


Our Final Venison Jerky Product!

That was so very easy and it was so rewarding.

Here are a few link for your reference if you want to try this yourself.

First, a little background on jerky and jerky making, click here.

Second, for a list of ingredients to make your own jerky seasonings, click here.

Third, for recommendations for the best electric meat grinders, click here.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to make your own jerky.  It is so fun!

God Bless! L. Davis

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