Watching (POEM)


The View From My Window Last Night

Watching (POEM)

You in all your splendor,

in poetic pose you stand.

I, the silent watcher,

impressed by your command.

Regal in your stature,

powerful in your grace.

I watch in awe mere mortal,

a speck in the human race.

Oh how humans miss this,

the majesty of it all.

But I, for a moment, am present,

watching you, enthralled.

You take my breath away,


There are no words that I can share.

How your momentary posture,

strikes my heart with that impenetrable stare.

Regal, graceful nature,

I am watching you this night.

I hope you live for eternity

So I may continue this sight.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

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