Passing On Traditions To My Daughter


Tradiitons For My Daughter

It struck me recently, my daughter is an adult.

She turns 21 in just a few months.

I reflect back on what I knew at that age.  Not much, I conclude. Not much at all.

Then I realize how much more I expect of her than I ever even comprehended thinking or knowing about at her age.

My thoughts turn to what I do want her to know.  I think alot of the rest of those life skills as we call them, she will figure out in time.

What do I want my daughter to know?

I want her to know about traditions.

My mother’s mother passed away when my mother was fairly young.  We kids were all tiny.  I dont remember my Grandmother.  My mother often shared stories about how she missed her mom because she really never knew her.  She said she sat quietly at the table never talking, often crying.  My mom didnt know why.  You see, my Grandmother had her own story locked up inside.  Only after my Grandmother died did my mother learn about her.  When going through her old trunks my mother learned alot about her mom, through her writings.  There was an alive and lovely woman, fully expressive inside that trunk; so unlike the quiet woman who sat at the dinner table.

What do I want my daughter to know?  I want her to know my stupid little traditions.  I want her to know because if I pass away young, she will know what makes me the silly old lady I am.  I dont want my daughter to guess.  I dont want my daughter to learn about her mother through stories written long ago, buried in a trunk.

So here you go my little one – now grown.  These are all your mother’s crazy little traditions.  Maybe some of them you will carry on and they will put a smile on your face too.

1 –  I always buy apple and cinnamon scented candles in fall.  Why? Because fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the colors of fall, the feeling of the crisp air, the smells of baking and apple pie in the kitchen.  I love the turning over of seasons.  When I begin to light candles with the scent of apple and cinnamon it brings back all these memories and feelings of tradtion.

2 – I always plant flowers to have fresh cut ones in the house. Why?  Because to me, flowers, lovingly cut and displayed, shows my love for my family.  My home truly is where my heart is and fresh flowers, to me, show my family they are loved.

3 – I always need a house with a wood burning fireplace/open hearth.  Why? Because as a child my family had a wood stove.  And, our best memories as a family were by that wood stove.  And, our ski cabin at Mt. Hood had a woodstove.  The smell of wood burning, the roasting of marshmellows, the warming of ski socks laced with ice from long treks in the snow … well … it all brings back the best memories of my life with the people I most love.

4 – I always have antiques throughout the house. Why? Because to me, the past matters.  And dear daughter, I hope it matters to you too.

5 – I always have a journal and write poetry.  Why?  Well, I always have.  Interestingly, so did both my Grandmothers.  One wrote poetry and one was an artist.  Interestingly, you too have a journal and you are the culmination of both your Great Grandmothers — you write and you draw.

6 – I always have pictures of family around the house.  Why?  Because I want you to know that you are part of this family…and you always will be.  You are not forgotten once you have left, with wings on to live your life.  You will never be forgotten in our home.  You are cherished and always will be.

7 – I always decorate alot for the holidays in old traditional Americana ways.  Why?  Because each holiday reminds me of things that are important to cherish and not take for granted – A new year, Easter, valentines day, May day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Christmas….etc. I always want to pay tribute to the little things and I hope you appreciate them too.

8 – I always and forever more will live on a farm.  Why?  Because it reminds me of my childhood and the lessons that life taught me.  And, it reminds me of you.  You riding your pony barefoot without saddle or bridle…..playing ice cream shop in the dirt mounds…..weaving grasses to make skirts and lacing roots to make bracelets.  Nature taught you all of that, partnered with that amazing imagination of yours.  Farm life made me who I am and I hope it continues to teach you and your children as well.

9 – I always save your little notes and doodles.   Why?  Because it shows me your creativity. And it is just as special looking back to your doodles you did for me 15 years ago, as your new doodles you do for me now.  Of course, since you are an artist, your doodles are quite spectacular to me.  But honestly dear daughter, your doodles were always spectacular to me.

10 – I always hug you and will hold you until my last breath.  Why?  Because that is all I really have to give you, my heart.  And, dear one…….you have it all.  You have every corner of my heart from the moment I set eyes on you.

So here you go my little one – now grown.  These are all your mother’s crazy little traditions.  Maybe some of them you will carry on and they will put a smile on your face too.

God Bless!  L. Davis


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