Back To The Butcher We Go!!


We are so excited.

We hunt. Taboo for city people I guess.

Not for us country folk.  Heck no.

We raise livestock on our farm that we butcher.  Hunting for venison each fall is also tradition.

Well, we just got the phone call from our butcher that our two deer from last fall that we had frozen in quarters this spring……is processed and our venison sausage is ready to pick up on Monday.

We are so excited.

I am not sure why it took me so long to think about having our butcher make the sausage for us.  We had the quarters of our two deer in the freezer all winter thinking we were going to do it sometime in the near future ourselves.

But, like everything else with farm life….time and busy random work on the farm always got in the way.

So, off to the butcher our four fronts and four hind quarters went.

And, on Monday we get to pick it up.

The price we pay for the quarters to be cut up, ground with their special venison sausage rub with extra sage AND packaging… only one dollar a pound.  So, for 66 pounds of meat we will be paying 66 dollars.  Who can beat that for organic, non chemical awesome sausage?

Seriously folks.

One of the great perks of homesteading and living off the land via livestock, vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, nut trees and wildlife ^^^^ is the amazing and very healthy food that can be provided for the whole family.

Did I mention …. how excited we are?

God Bless! L. Davis

2 thoughts on “Back To The Butcher We Go!!

  1. We are not hunters but we encourage our neighbors who are. We have a large deer population in our area and they are very destructive. They eat almost any thing that is not fenced. We have had to fence our garden areas and all of the trees that we plant. I wonder if venison is really organic. In our area the deer forage in GMO and chemical sprayed crops as well.

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  2. Conservation management really does entail conservation but not over population. Over population of deer is quite a huge problem for sure. Where we got our deer there is no large agriculture – inside the Adirondack Park – where they forage on wilderness where there is no spraying or population density. Your point about deer in more populated farm regions with mega amounts of GMO corn and crop spraying….why yes….I am sure they are walking chemical factories….unfortunately. Great point.

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