We Are Finally Done ~ The Two Year Landscaping Dream Is Finished ~ July At HiBar Ranch

For those of you who have been following our journey over the last several years, you know how long and hard we have worked to bring this gorgeous Victorian Queen Anne farmhouse and farm back to its original state and to add farm features that work for our interests – specifically a horse barn and riding facility.  Well as of this last week we have finally finished this two year effort and we are going to show you the photos of life at the farm as of this morning.  We just completed all the landscaping this last week including hydrangeas around the whole house and everything weeded – so yes!  We are done with this phase of our project.  We will now begin an addition to the house starting this next month.

So, for those of you who have been following our journey here it is in pictures – everything we have accomplished and work done specifically over the last month at the farm.

Now that all the landscaping is in we had to powerwash the entire house including the walls, windows, decks and railings.  I recently painted all the railings, decks and doors new colors – dark blue doors and deep grey deck surface.  We had to paint all the railings from scratch as Mike built those all from pine he milled from our trees in New York at the ranch.  Now, along with the beautiful landscaping, the house is spanking white like it should be.  It is truly lovely on our full wrap around porch.


Clean Decks!  Yes!


Antiques Throughout The Covered Porch Areas


Southern Covered Porches Always Have Ferns


The New Landscaping Around The House And On The Deck Is Visible

IMG_3703 (1)

View From Opposite Direction


Windchimes Sound Like A Cathedral – Smokies In the Background


the Arrow Points To The Smokies!


More Seating On The Porch


Serenity Lives Here


Just Nature Between Us And The Smoky Mountain National Park — Right Out There

IMG_3711 (1).jpg

My Victorian Farm House Dream – Spanky White With Navy Blue Doors – I Love It


I Found The Light Fixtures At A Salvage Store And Mike Installed Them – I Love Them On This Porch


All The Landscaped Beds Have Pretty Cream And Pink Hydrangeas – So Lovely


Flowers And More Hydrangeas Planted Around The Gazebo


All Our Lawns We Seeded Have Finally Grown Up!! Finally!


I Love WHITE Queen Anne Victorian Farm Houses


Ferns And Hydrangeas Everywhere

The chicks, turkeys, ducks and pheasants that were hatched out this spring are big and happily roam free on many occasion around our yard.


Some Of Our Spring Flock – The Little Roosters Are Now Crowing

The garden is going gang busters with various beans, okra, corn, squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and various greens.

The chicken coop was deeply cleaned with new shavings in the nesting boxes and gravel brought in for the floor to keep it clean and dry.


Some Of Our Spring Flock In Their Clean Digs

Pumpkins are growing well along with cantelope, watermelon, apples, grapes and walnuts in our orchards.


Our Pumpkins Growing Big For Harvest Season


Cantelope Almost Ready To Harvest


One Of Our Half Dozen Apple Trees Doing Great


Some Of Our Numerous Grape Varieties Nearing Time To Harvest


Walnuts Growing

While it is not completely easy to see in the photo below due to lower elevation where this picture was taken, all our beds have been landscaped with hydrangeas, azaleas and monkey grass for edging.  The outer beds have also all been landscaped which will be seen in photos further on down.  Mike added all the porch railings all the way around the house from trees he milled himself from our ranch in New York.


Our Now Finished House With Landscaping All Around – Hydrangeas, Azaleas and Monkey Grass


Our Bee Hives Going Gang Busters


Lovely Amarynth And roses Surround Our Vegetable Garden


Red Roses Surround Our Vegetable Garden And The American Flag Adorns Our Chicken Coop

Below you can see the finished efforts of our new horse barn and riding facility along with hanging swing above and viewing room /gazebo that has all been landscaped.  Hydrangeas, roses and day lillies now surround this whole island.  This was all an overgrown jungle last year at this time and was unwalkable due to weeds and trees.


Our New Horse Facility


A View Of The Viewing Gazebo In Relation To The House Now Landscaped As Well


All The Block Work Is New – Done By My Husband Over The Last Twelve Months

And now we head down to our lower livestock barn and other pastures to view our progress with our other livestock / farm activities.


Heading Down Our Farm Drive To The Second Livestock Barn


The Smoky Mountains Directly Off Our Property In The Distance


Beautiful Skies In The Mountains


Our Ducks Now Bigger That Were Hatched This Spring – Now Down In Livestock Barn


Our Sheep And Goats Happily Eating Breakfast


The Ducks Hang In the Middle Of The Barn And Go Outside To The Catfish Pond


The Second Floor Of The Livestock Barn – Yes We Did 150 More Bales This Week


More Hay Added This Week Up The Hay Elevator – Sore Backs We Have


Our Stocked To The Gills Fish Pond Is Doing Great


Our Peaceful View Of The Mountains From Our Lower Barns And Pastures


Our Cows In The Lower Pasture Grazing Away


Apparently The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence


Country Living At Its Best – We Live Where The Asphalt Ends And The Gravel Flies


Country Living A HiBar Ranch

We hope you liked the photo journey through our efforts with the farm that have culminated this month into a finished landscape.  It has been a long hard journey to get this overgrown jungle pulled back and reclaimed to one of a farm, a landscape and an orchard.  We are very tired but very happy at the finished product – a lovely Queen Anne Victorian Farm!  Now we will begin our addition to the house with a big family room off the back that overlooks the Smoky Mountains with a big open fireplace of stone and vaulted ceilings with beams along with a mud room off the  front.  It should be lovely!!! We are so excited for this next phase of our project.

God Bless and have a wonderful week!  L. Davis

5 thoughts on “We Are Finally Done ~ The Two Year Landscaping Dream Is Finished ~ July At HiBar Ranch

  1. I lived in that area for 9 years, and walked that road and farm land myself, being friends with the previous owners. I loved it there–the house, gardens, berry bushes, roses, and the idyllic setting. Your are so fortunate to live there.

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