June Turning To July On Our Farm


I always feel like June to July is the big “crossing over” window from spring to full on summer here at our farm.  This is when the garden really kicks in and starts delivering a huge bounty of food for the family from now until late fall.  it truly is a spectacular period of time and one that can over run you quickly if you are not on top of the weeding and garden maintenance.

I have blogged a great deal less this last month as our ranch in New York sold and I have been spending weeks on end with my husband dividing and conquering; with me running the farm down here and my husband moving the remaining belongings from our farm in New York.  A major chapter of lives has closed and we can now fully dedicate the remainder of our life on this planet to this farm down here in East Tennessee.

With that being said, there has been a ton of things going on at the farm over the course of June.  First, I have been pleasantly enjoying feeding our stocked fish pond that I just recently learned was stuffed to the gills with fish.  We truly had no idea there were fish in that pond let alone huge catfish, bluegill and carp.  Who knew?

All the baby goats are brave and foraging now that were born this spring.  My favorite doe Greta has adopted four babies that are not her own and she takes them under the fence and lets them free range graze with her around our property.  It is too cute for words.  They are doing a great job mowing our lawns and tending to the berry vines that get overgrown.



Greta With The Spring Kids Free Ranging In Our Yard

The chicks I hatched out in January are big along with the turkeys, ducks and ring neck pheasants.  One of our little roosters tried to crow this morning.  It was a hilarious sound and a complete failure as far as cock-a-doodle-do is concerned.  But, it marks a big milestone for maturity for our spring flock.  The Chocolate turkeys, Midget Whites and Bourbon Red turkeys are doing well that I hatched out this spring.  Here are a few free ranging in our lawn this morning.


One Of My Chocolate Turkeys And Some Spring chickens – The Rooster Just Started Crowing This Morning

I decided to raise ring necked pheasants this year for fun.  They have been a real treat.  We actually like them best out of all our birds.  We thought they would roam off into the woods but no.  They have learned that we feed them and they hang around the garden and perch on my vegetable trellises.  They really are cool.  We have one male for sure and watching his markings develop is quite spectacular.


One Of Our Ring Necked Pheasants Chilling In The Underbrush

Our duck hatch this year was good.  We have a collection of Pekin, Silver Appleyard and Rouen that we hatched.  All are thriving.  Also, one of our rouen ducks hatched out her own little flock of ducklings and they are doing well.

The garden is now completely spilling its borders with green vines and flower blooms sending our bees into nirvana.


End Of June Garden

I have a mix of medicinal and cooking herbs, flowers and vegetables in this garden.


Today’s Bounty From The Garden

Right now I am harvesting yellow and crook neck squash, slicing and pickling cucumbers, cayenne pepper, banana pepper and green pepper, beans, tomatoes, herbs and flowers.  The photo above is what I harvested this morning.  I am also harvesting alot of cut flowers for display for our house as we have had lots of visitors over the fourth of July.


Fresh Cut Flowers Fill The Victorian House And Covered Porch


Flowers And Flags Everywhere

As the days run longer and the sun sets later this time of year, the skyline is lovely overlooking the mountains at anytime of day.


Gorgeous Days At the Farm With Amazing Skies And Billowing Clouds

The sunsets have been truly spectacular on the farm.  This is one example of what the skies look like at night as the sun sets down on the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.


Smoky Mountain Nightfall At The Farm

Fourth Of July On Our Farm (POEM)

I sit on my porch on the Fourth Of July

Looking above at the lovely night sky.

So thankful for my blessings as I celebrate this day.

For freedom hard fought which no one can take away.

My porch, it is covered with red, white and blue.

Colors so lovely, like this evening’s night hue.

How blessed is this girl rocking on this porch swing,

To be witness to this all, July 4th and this lovely evening.

June is gone and July is here.  Company packed the porch and cherry pie filled our bellies.  Kids showed up with beaus in tow.  It was a blessed month.  My twin sister flew out from Oregon to spend a whole week with us as well during this period and I will cherish that time for as long as I live.

My husband and I plan to relax during the month of July.  We plan to actually hire a bit of help this month to have all our beds professionally landscaped and prepare to do an addition to the house this fall.  We are really looking forward to it.

The wildlife around the farm has been fun to watch, particularly all the birds and butterflies.  There are so many more varieties of brightly colored birds down in TN as compared to New York, it is startling.  We love to just sit on our porch and watch the birds, wild bunnies and hawks fly.


Beautiful Birds Grace Our Yard

Our goals are to really maximize the garden yield and its care along with harvesting and tending to our fruit orchard.  Now that the riding ring is all done and the tack room is getting finished – trail riding is also our July objective.  Now that the ranch in New York is sold we have determined it is time to play more on our farm and relax a tad.  It has been a very long and hard haul tending to two farms 1000 miles apart.  And, the Lord has blessed us and has now allowed us to build on to this gorgeous home and farm to truly make it our own.

May you have a truly blessed and bountiful July! ~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer


Garden Ready To Provide For Our Family For The Remainder Of The Year

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