How The Farm Taught Me To Open My Eyes – And A Message From God – On The Subject

I love living on a farm.  It teaches me so much about life and spirituality.  We had an interesting experience this last week I posted about which was that after two years here we discovered we had fish in our pond.  Now the fish must have always been there as they are big fish.  However, since I was never LOOKING for fish, it never dawned on me that there were fish.  I am sure any time in the past when I saw ripples on the water, I assumed it was from a bug or leaf.  You see, I was not prepared for my mind to accept fish.  I was not prepared.

Over the course of the last six months I have prayed to the Lord that He reveal what He wished for me to understand when I read the Bible.  I often read the Bible.  But, I wanted him to show me what he wanted me to know.  And, what he showed me ties directly to the opening of my eyes — to our new fish pond.

What he showed me was that I believe we are interpreting Adam and Eve in the garden wrong in a very important way.  What the Lord showed me was in Genesis the tree of life and the tree of knowledge have been misinterpreted.  People today struggle with the notion that God did not want his people to experience knowledge and thus asked Adam and Eve to redirect away from the tree of knowledge and only eat from the other tree.  It was from the tree of knowledge where the forbidden fruit was derived.  What the Lord showed me through prayer and scripture reading was that us humans interpret the knowledge phrase as knowledge, as we all know it.  What it is is actually KNOWING.  There is a very big difference here.

What the Lord wanted to protect his people from, the people he loved so dearly, is the knowing of what is evil.  There are two very powerful instances in the Bible where “eyes were opened”.  The first, was once Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge after the serpent told her she would be wise if she did.  Immediately after her eyes were opened it said Eve felt SHAME.  There was no epiphany for Eve.  There was no onslaught of intelligence as we view knowledge to be.  No, she saw for the first time she was naked, hid her body and felt SHAME.  God revealed to me through prayer that the point of the tree of life versus the tree of knowledge was the desire for us to pick GOD whereby we would have our eyes focused on the spiritual and not SEE or KNOW evil.  Shame, guilt, anger, rage and fear are all emotions of satan, not God.

The second reference to the eyes being opened was when the slave of Abraham who conceived his child Ishmael because Sarah at the time was barren had sent her off into the desert with the boy.  They ran out of food and water.  She cried out to the Lord to have mercy on her and her son.  At that moment the Bible says her eyes were opened and she saw a well spring with water.  She was able to drink and replentish herself and Ishmael.  Her first emotion after her eyes were opened was joy.  Joy in an emotion of God.  Peace is the emotion of joy over time when we have complete trust in the Lord.

The Lord showed me that Tree Of Life means eternal spiritual living where there is no death nor darkness/evil.  Tree of Life means knowing / experiencing evil and darkness and sorrow, pain, fear and death.  Knowing and Knowledge are not the same thing and that is the trick the devil plays.

So, with this knowledge I have become very aware to OPEN UP MY EYES to everything around me.  And, I ask the Lord to show me things.  I ask him to show me things on the farm.  So, with that I sat at our pond yesterday.  And, I once again was reminded at how I had not allowed my mind to see that there were fish in the pond.  More, when I finally sat down and REALLY LOOKED – there was a whole dynamic ecosystem I had never even had an awareness of that simply blew my mind.  There were birds, bees, squirrels, big bull frogs, tons of fish, wate skippers, amazing sky reflections off the water, bats, bugs…….and the list goes on.  There were worn animal trails where the critters walked cut deeply into the steep banks.  There were rock outcroppings as if this pond sat against a rock shelf.  I looked closer in further proximity to the pond and found duck feathers from a recent attack so predators were here and I found old scars on trees.  And, as the sun was setting down in the forest I knew God resided here.  My eyes were opened and I could see God all around me.  Yesterday reminded me what God showed me in Genesis this Spring.  God wants me happy.  God wants me to not have to experience the dark side of evil.  If I open my eyes, he will show me……………and he did again yesterday.

Let me show you what I saw for the first time yesterday………..through pictures……..


Beauty Through Subtlety – A Little Ol’ Fishing Hole


Fish Bait On Water – In Black And White


Sky Reflecting On Water

IMG_0961 (1).jpg

Water Reflecting Sunsetting Skies

IMG_0988 (1).jpg

The Monochromatic Dynamics Of Nature — Intensity


Dream State – Before I Opened My Eyes


Ducks Live Here


The Fibonacci Sequence Playing Out In Water – Just Amazing



Blissful Respite From Society At The Fishing Hole


Abstract Capture Of Feet Dangling Over Fish Food Filled Water


Reflections On Reflecting


Exponentiality Playing Out On Water – Fish Rings Extending Their Space


Divine Designs In Nature – Exponential Scaling In Nature – Rings On Water Reflecting Trees – Nature’s Pixels


Digitizing Nature – Reflecting Trees On Water


A Southern Life – Reflections In Black And White


Serenity Lives Here – Shoes Off / Catfish Food Can Empty – Just Waiting


Intensity Of Clouds On Water


Dynamic Clouds And Catfish Food Floating — Juxtapositions


Sometimes Reflecting Is Better Than The Real Thing!


Looking Further Out Into The Woods


Aged yet Ageless – Worn But Not Worn Out – The Story Of My Life


Wildlife Thrives Here – Who Knew With Eyes Wide Shut?


The Colors Of Nature Inspire


Textures On Tapestry – Nature Divine


Lone Tree Still Standing – Dead But Not Forgotten


Trailhead Into My Forest Surround


Scars – Ancient Markers Of Days Long Gone


White Feathers – Life In The Wild – Life / Death / The Journey


Light Always Shines Through – It Is God’s Way


Open My Eyes To Your Heart Lord

And that is what I saw yesterday when I finally opened my eyes to the dynamic world that is my fishing pond.  I had never seen any of these things before, in two years of living here.

God is teaching me how to open my eyes.  And he is showing me that the Tree Of Life is about trust.  It is about faith. And, it is about peace.  Without faith there is no trust.  Without trust there is no peace.

The pond experience yesterday really brought me closer to God.  And, I hope it shared some insights for those of you who look and maybe dont completely SEE the divine in life, yet.  It is there.

God Bless! L. Davis

One thought on “How The Farm Taught Me To Open My Eyes – And A Message From God – On The Subject

  1. Beautifully captured. Love your phrase : with eyes wide shut.The more we look at nature the more we see the wonder of God and His handiwork. I once saw a poster of a beautiful sunlit forest with a quote from Einstein that said something like this :My sense of wonder is my sense of God.

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