Rainy Days Here At The Farm

Fog lifts off the mountains here in the Smokies this morn.  Big sky grays fill the horizonline.  Clouds blow by dropping raindrops over our farm.  I am at peace with this.  I sit here writing, as I watch nature drift on by.

The soft patter of droplets lull me into dream state.  Oh, what a respite from the busy days of farm life.

There is probably nothing that can slow a farmer down this time of year – except rain.  Rainy days used to be frustrating ones for me on our farm.  Now I yearn for them.  The water enriches the soil with deep penetrating moisture.  All my plants gasp at the relief from the oncoming summer’s heat.  Fog highlights the mountain’s contours forcing me to look closer and feel the intricate curves of the mountain ridges.  These moments allow me to rest.  And, when I do, I am better for it.  My farm too, it is better for it.

The animals stay tucked in their stalls, horses nickering at sheep who bah at one another.  The goats scurry around in their pens, babies still nursing though they should prefer green pasture more.  But, it is a rainy day, they say, and mama’s milk is better than any other scurry outside and get wet sort of weather.

The chickens are quiet this morning.  No rooster crowing to awaken the valley.  He too rests a while longer.  The hens are all buried deep in their nests.

All of us at our farm, critters and us two leggers too, all rest for a while as the rain drops softly on our farm.

So special these moments are.

As I age, I long for these windows of time, where pause is the action at hand.

Where in society is pause celebrated?  At a zen retreat maybe.

Well, this farm is now my zen retreat as I pause, listening to raindrops grace my farm.

God Bless! And have a wonderful week and take a few pauses now and then to celebrate the simplicity of living.IMG_5813

~ L. Davis

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