HiBar Ranch – A Week In Photographs – Life On The Farm

Since our blog was long on the goings on at HiBar Ranch I thought it best to do a photo essay separately on the photographic capture of life on the farm this last week.

It is truly spectacular to watch the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee come to life in spring.  The last set of photographs I took of life on our farm showed trees budding out and early tree blooms gracing the farm.  Now, as of this week we have complete foliage and green grasses.  It is truly lovely here in the mountains.  And, we have hit an all time high weather/temperature wise for the month of April so everything is truly maturing earlier than usual in our neck of the woods.

Here is a photo tour of our week on the farm.  Here we go!


Gorgeous Color – This Is The Progress On My Chive Flower Vinegar


Sunsets On Porches – I Planted My Flower Pots This Week


Poppies Are Blooming


I Planted My Potted Herbs This Week As Well


More Flowers I Planted This Week – Reds And Blues Along With The Maples On Each Side Of The Kitchen Door


I Love The Red, White And Blue Theme We Have For Our Victorian Farmhouse


I Am Experimenting With Trees, Ferns and Other Shade Perennials On Our Decks


Our New Equestrian Barn And Riding Ring With Viewing Gazebo – Now Done With Trees In Full Bloom And Lawn Growing In Where Excavation Was


Greenery Galore – This Is Where We Take Our Breaks From Farmwork!


Birdhouses And Windchimes – There Are Baby Bluebirds In That Birdhouse Right Now


Southern Victorian Farm House Scene – I Love The Railings Mike Added To The Deck – So Pretty


Greens, Pinks And Blues – The Trees Have Woken Up In The Smokies At Our Farm


Finally! A Manicured Yard — After Alot Of Hard Work!!!


My Motto!!


Pretty Wooden Things For Oregano And Marjoram


A Special Corner Just For Brian – My Husbands Son Who Passed Away Recently – He Is Always Celebrated


Human Lines Are Straight – Nature’s Lines Are Curves


Summer Porch Dreams – Looking Out At The Smokies


Sunsets Through Woodland Pines


My Newly Planted Porch Flowers At Sunset


Nature Revives


Freedom Lives Here


HiBar Ranch – Where The Old Matters

We hope you enjoyed our photo tour through our efforts over the last few weeks to get our farm’s landscaping and infrastructure done so that the place is kept and managed in keeping with our values.  It is alot of work to make a house a home.  Our sweat equity is finally paying off!!  I love to look out at the farm valley and see an orderly well loved property.

God Bless! L. Davis

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