Transforming An Overgrown Landscape To A Gorgeous Victorian Farm House Landscape

We usually blog alot about farming.  It is either about baby animals being born or the farm processing of the milk, eggs, veges, fruit, honey and wax, medicinals, etc.  That is MOST of the time.  Well, with the onset of summer coming on it is time to do THE YARD – and yes – we have a huge yard.  This is the time of year where we buckle down and do the yard work required to make this Victorian farm house property LOOK like a Victorian farm house property.  That means lots of beautiful beds with flowers everywhere.

Well, we are not quite done yet but here is the work in progress we have accomplished. You will be able to see our journey via photos.  Seeing as we just bought this property not long ago, and all the landscaping was so overgrown you literally could not see the house from the drive – it is quite amazing what we have accomplished since we purchased this farm.  We have literally been working five to six days a week for a long time to convert the before pictures into the after pictures I am going to show you now.  It really is quite startling even to me to see how far we have come!



The View Of The Property The Day We Bought It


The After Picture – Notice The Same Tree With The Ivy On It In Both Pictures


The Tree With They Ivy On The Right And The Whole Valley Is Now A New Riding Ring And Barn

The gazebo on the left was completely buried in over grown trees.  The picture on the right also has the gazebo in the left of the picture.  You literally could NOT SEE IT AT ALL with all the trees.  Mike literally cut all the trees and dug up all the roots by hand.  He then built a bunch of gorgeous retaining walls and viola!  And, this is how it turned out!


Our Beautiful Gazebo To Watch The Horses When We Ride


View From The Gazebo Into The Ring Area Below


You Can See The Gazabo Again – And Mike Added Retaining Walls

Above are shots taken the day we closed of the overgrown garden inside the garden area itself and outside the garden by the drive.  Here are the after shots from today.


A Gorgeous Wall Of Roses And Clematis


The Inside Of My Garden With My Medicinal Herbs, Onions, Potatoes And Asparagus Up


This Was How Overgrown Where We Ended Up Clearing And Putting In the Chicken Coop


This Is That Same Location Now Shot From the Opposite Direction – The Drive – Looking Back


This Was The Entrance To The Front Door Fully Overgrown


We Literally Gutted The Landscape And Made Lawn Instead!

The last two pictrues are amazing.  The tree from the picture above this one is the only thing we left standing.  We pruned it up and literally cleared everything else out to make lawn.  We will still add a gorgeous massive sculpture at the end of this brink.  But, that is our next project!


Notice No Railings And How Thick The Trees Are


This Picture Is Shot From The Exact Same Location Today

The above two pictures are amazing as well.  Mike made all the railings by milling trees he cut down.  We painted the deck a pretty deep gray and added beautiful light fixtures.  Then we obviously changed the whole view by gutting and adding an equestrian barn and riding ring to look at.

Here are some other amazing transformations we have worked on while we have been running our farm!


Pretty Clean Open Views With Block Around All The Trees And Beds


Blessing Looking Out Over Our Farm And Farmhouse


A Tight Shot Of Blessing


Finally We Can See The Smokies After Clearing The Overgrowth


Porch By The Front Entrance Where Pines Stand Next To The House


Blessing Watching Everything – Our Cleaner More Manageable Grounds


The Gazebo, Blessing, The Chicken Coop And Landscaping


Our Victorian Farmhouse Dream! Taken Today

So, I look at the picture above that was taken today and compare it to the overgrown property that we bought and I am shocked.  We have done so much work to pull back the landscape that has really gone wild over the last 20 years with previous owners.  To get it contained, preserve the flowering plants and place them in a new spot where they can flourish, to clear the overgrowth and trim up these STUNNING big southern oaks and hickories, truly transformed this 15 acre property into the farm of our dreams.

Hard work and lots of sweat does pay off.

God Bless! L. Davis


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