Rural American Farm Photography – April Activities On The Farm

It is such a beautiful time here in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of east Tennesse.  Everything is in bloom including the trees in the forests.  Dogwoods, apple trees, violets all fill the mountains and valleys with color.  I take photography every week of farm life to showcase the wonderful life that occurs on the farm.

This week I wanted to capture more of our farm property and the neighboring valleys and peaks that make the Smoky Mtns so lovely this time of year.

Here we go on our photo journey through chores with camera in hand!  I like to play with my camera so you will see lots of artsy shots.  (Magazines use the photographs so we present farm life in various forms photographically).

This is the view as we head down with our UTV to our livestock barn half way down our valley.


The Vibrant Greens Of Farm Life As The Smokies Rage To Life


Baby Calves Sleeping – One On Left White And Right Black – Dogwood Blooming


Blooming Forest With Dogwood White Petals Gracing The Terrain


Our Ducks Relaxing By Our Catfish Pond


Sir Richard Whig – Our Gorgeous Navajo Churro Ram Grand Sire Awaits Us For Breakfast

We tend to the animals in our livestock barn giving them all their morning feed.  We have a set of pastures mid way up the hill.  The horses, sheep, goats and rabbits are in the livestock barn.  We then head down to the lower valley where our other livestock live in our valley pastures that run along a beautiful stream.  Note the road.  We indeed live on a one lane road – no yellow paint my friends.  Pure country!!!


Our Lower Pasture In The Valley With Our Other Livestock – Cows And Alpacas


Billy And Bobby – Saying Hi


Our Cows – In Stencil


Bobby – Sneaking Through Fence For Grass – Such Beautiful Eyes


Gotta Get Me Some Of That! – He Says


My Farmer Husband Who IS Amazing – We Do All Our Chores Together


Soft Focus – Rural Smokies In Spring – A Farm Life


Our Alpaca Stud Derek – Posing

We love that our farm sits on an old country road with no yellow paint to direct traffic.  We also love that all of our views are of open fields and farms.  Last, we love that the Smoky Foothills in the distance always cast a rich blue color against bright greens of the trees.  the sunsets here are spectacular as well as everything then turns to vibrant shades of purples, blues now tilting towards violets, and hot pinks and oranges.  The sky is as gorgeous and always changing as the landscape.


Ella – Our Female Alpaca – Red Is A Big Theme At Our Farm


HiBar Livestock – In Stencil


Looking Up In The Smokies


Bright Greens And Bright Blues


Country Road Take Me Home


Rural Tennessee

We now head back up the drive to the livestock barn where I go milk my goats which takes some time.  My husband and I divide and conquer at this point as his chores are over and he switches gears to building things.  I switch over to milking, collecting the eggs and then I take it all into the kitchen to process and then prepare dinner early so it is ready and I can go outside again for gardening.


Our Long Gravel Road Up Through The Farm


Leaves Budding Out And Flowers Blooming


Our Off The Grid Livestock Barn


Gables And Copolas Make Beautiful Barns


Horses Happily Munching Hay


Horse And Catfish Pond – In Black And White


My Goats Have Huge Udders – Bianca On Milking Stand With Bucket As My Seat

I head back up to the main house way at the top of the hill and stop by the chicken coop in the garden to collect our morning fresh eggs just layed.


Eggs In Nesting Box – Fuzzy Shaving From Mike’s Woodshop Keep Them Clean


Our Chicks Are Growing Rapidly – Mike Installed An Instant Waterer Which Is Great

We hope you enjoyed a scenic tour through HiBar Ranch and the Smoky Mountains.  May you have a blessed Easter week and remember what living is for!

God Bless! L. Davis

5 thoughts on “Rural American Farm Photography – April Activities On The Farm

  1. Love the photos! It sure is beautiful there in spring. My favorite is the photo of your Navajo Churro ram. He is beautiful! Our friends raise Navajo Churro and we have been processing their wool through our mill this week. I have never knit with it, but my husband likes to use the roving for rug braiding.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He has never taught anyone before. But no one has ever asked before. 🙂 Maybe I should do some blog posts on it at some point. He learned from a really great book called “The Shepherd’s Rug” by Klein and Brown.

    Liked by 1 person

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