A Story Of Wood (POEM)

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Lumberjacks In The Woods With Their Two-Man Misery Whip Saw

A Story Of Wood (POEM)

Oh are the ancient ways of our ancestors

Cutting pines with the two-man saw.

Fondly known as the misery whip

Two men pulling back for the draw.

The force of arms and physicality

Using the broadaxe shaping wood hand hewn.

Never thought it would all turn to history

And be forgotten, out of our consciousness so soon.

Modern sawmills and chainsaws

Have replaced this ancient art;

Of logging men in the woods,

Who hauled it all out with horse and cart.

Our modern technologies have replaced

This old knowledge and the skill.

Ancient carpenter’s tools and wisdom,

Some begging to learn it still.

Their lives were lived in the forest.

But, now when we all look around,

The forests now are empty,

You can walk them without them sounds.

Of days long gone, and history old

The woods did tell a tale.

Of logging men and their axe

Men working hard; so fit, never frail.

I have a hand hewn table,

Straight from a “Great Camp” in the Adirondacks.

I will cherish it more than any other

As it reminds me of them old lumberjacks.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer



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