Two New Babies At The Farm This Morn – And Farm Photography Of The Week

We raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats that have all had their babies at this point.  However, we also have a Nubian/Boer doe and a pure Boer doe also due.  Well, this morning our Nubian/Boer Garbo had twins!  They are darling – one beautiful boy and an equally beautiful little girl.  We have named him Edel which in Norwegian means Noble as he is quite noble looking.  The little girl we are naming Sable.  We have also decided to name our little splotted black and white doeling Spettet – meaning Speckled in Norwegian.  And we are naming our new buck with blue eyes Vakker.  that means beautiful in Norwegian.

Here are some great shots of the animals this morning at the barn.  It was also the first day outside for all the baby goats and lambs so there are some really cute photographs of all the babies exploring the outside for the first time!  Too cute.

Here we go.


Our Two New Babies This Morning – Hard To Get Shots Of Them They Were Just Born Edel and Sable


A Close Up Of Edel – Which Means Noble – And You Can See Why


Smuggler Watching The Babies


Exploring Outside For The First Time


Exploring – She Is Sold But I Love Her Silver With Dark Grey Tips I Want To Keep Her!


Baby Goat Going To Play With The Lambs


That Is Our Little Blind Lamb Named Lambo – After Rambo But A Lamb


Freedom For Goats And Sheep Along With Their Babies


Fresh Air


Playing With The Camera


Farm Life In Stencil


Lambs And Kids On Grass For First Time


Exploring The Pond And Ducks


Our Twins Exploring Gravel


Another Cute Shot Of Them


Hanging With Mom


The Little Boy Looks Like His Mama


Mother And Daughter


Yah, New Thing To Jump On!  Babies Exploring The Water Trough


Babies Exploring Grass

Well, that sure was a wonderful day at the farm.  We hope you enjoyed the fun pictures of the babies exploring their outside world and the new baby goats.

God Bless! L. Davis

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