Our Wonderful Customers Photos Of Their New Farm Additions! Too Cute For Words

We are really committed to running an organic farm that is dedicated to a purpose – to engage with others who want to get back to basics, love the land, love the farm, love the kids, and the little critters are more than livestock – more like family.  We sell our animals to special families who want animals to play an important part in the lives of that family.  Some of our customers are empty nesters looking to get back to the land and do more homesteading, cheese making, milking and the like.  Many of our customers are wonderful young families with children.  Some are homeschoolers and some are not.  But, all of our customers share a common theme – they love their family and they love the notion of a farm and the values it brings to the family.

Here are some wonderful words and photos from our customers from this year’s kidding season 2017 sharing their testimonials of how our babies have brought joy into their families lives.  This is why we do what we do!  We love this part.  Enjoy the beautiful stories and pictures below of lives that are changed through baby goats.

Here is the latest feedback –

“They are doing great! They are happy and healthy and we are all smitten with them.” – The Bowling Family


The Bowling Family – Sleep Time


The Bowling Family – Those Who Hang Together Stay Together

“Hey, wanted to update you on our baby girl doe. She’s doing great! Most likely will be named Lambi, thanks to the girls. She is such a joy to have at our farm. She’s sweet, funny, and full of that baby energy. We have three babies now and they all are best friends! Thank you so much for her!! We are really in love!”  ….  “Lambi will even be making a guest appearance at my daughters Kindergarten class show and tell today. She is definitely well loved!!” –

– The Redding Family


The Redding Family – Sleepy Time


The Redding Family – Too Cute For Words


The Redding Family – Could They All Be Any Cuter?!

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