Thank You Again Global Readers – Another Milestone For The Month Of March For Our Blog!


Rustic Elegance – Where History Comes Back To Life And We Go Back To The Land

Thank you readers from around the world for your engagement in our blog!  I like to write in order to share who all is following this most profound foodie/back to the land movement.  Each month I write a little bit about who frequents our blog.  And, we hit a major milestone for the month of March.  We had visitors from over 25 countries visit this month alone, 27 to be precise.  It is so exciting for me personally that there is such interest from around the globe on back to the land, self sufficiency, doing things by hand, and the like.  I am also so appreciative of how many of you follow and like the poetry on our blog.  That is very personal and dear to us and I am glad you like it too.  I believe it is so important to get writing, poetry and photography back out there in mainstream channels again.  Not everything has to be so quick flick, fast paced, short clipped words and the like.  There is such beauty in the world around and we need artists and creatives to help everyone slow their clocks down a tad, stop and smell the roses a bit more.  This is why I incorporate so much art into what we do in our blog.  And it appears readers like it.

So, are you ready for this?  Here are the list of countries our readers came from in March alone:

  1.  United States
  2. Canada
  3. India
  4. UK
  5. Ireland
  6. Portugal
  7. France
  8. Australia
  9. Croatia
  10. Singapore
  11. South Africa
  12. Saudi Arabia
  13. Egypt
  14. Spain
  15. New Zealand
  16. Austria
  17. Russia
  18. Vietnam
  19. Romania
  20. Malaysia
  21. Norway
  22. Italy
  23. Germany
  24. Ukraine
  25. Belgium
  26. Hong Kong
  27. China

Thank you all again!

God Bless! L. Davis

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