Goings On At The Farm

Things have been a tad crazy around these parts of late.  But, there is much great news to report on the farm.

The horse/hay barn is up, the riding ring is in and my husband built all this crazy block wall himself.  That is about 50 tons of block right there!  Check it out.  Those are the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in the background you see.  I will of course paint the tack room door barn red.  But, that is one of my next projects in the list of the hundreds that we already have.


New Hay Barn With Tack Room And Two Small Stalls For Tacking Up And Riding


Riding Ring Sand Being Added And Retaining Wall Being Completed

This has been a huge project for us and we are happy it is nearing the end!  And, soon we will be able to use it for our horses.

On other fronts, our two new baby goats are at the farm and have successfully learned to take the bottle today!  We have a cute new buckling and doeling for our breeding herd of Nigerian Dwarfs.  Check out the cute picture of them today!


The Buckling Has The Black Face And Blue Eyes And The Girl Is Spotted

The two are getting along great and are only five days apart.  They will provide amazing color and blue eyes to our breeding herd.  We are thrilled to have them well transitioned now into their new homes here at the farm.

We also were able to get our hardened seed starts into the garden today.  Pease, Soybean, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Arugula, Lettuce, Greens and Kale were all added to our cold frame.  It sure feels like spring is in the air!

Last frost around here is around April 9th so we are nearing that get in the garden and work mood.  I will be starting more seeds inside under grow lamps and heat mats tomorrow to be ready for transplant soon.

My turkeys should hatch out next Monday if all goes well.  Sometimes humidity in the final stages of hatching gets a tad complex for turkeys more so than chickens for some reason.  So, my fingers are crossed.  Also, I purchased six Americana chicks to go with my new hatched out batch of 25 that was done in January.  I wanted to add blue eggs to our mix!

It appears that rabbits are hauling hay so I am guessing baby bunnies are also on the way at the barn.  Ducks are not laying yet but hopefully soon.

All the sheep have had their lambs – five in all.  All our Nigerian Dwarf goats have had their kids – nine in all.  And, now the only mamas left to have babies are our two boers/nubians which should take place in the coming month.

We are happy to announce all our kids from our Nigerians sold before birth even with a longer waiting list.  We intend to extend our herd to offer even more color and blue eyed options next year to go along with our already stellar national champion genetics.

We hope things are going smoothly at your farm!

God Bless! L. Davis

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