Do Them City Folk Know? (POEM)


Do Them City Folk Know? (POEM)

Do city folk know what canning jars are for?

Have they ever stepped foot in a barn with a smelly barn floor?

Can they tell between a lamb and a goat?

Do they even recognize this here little poem that I wrote?

You see its because folks are missing the point.

It seems quite clear them folk dont understand this joint.

Big barns and pitch forks, overalls and boots,

We muck and we pick, we work hard for spring shoots.

Sitting on bucket, we milk our animals by hand.

Sweating all day to work the farm and this land.

We tend to do alot of pray’n  cuz around here there is dying.

I say it as fact, or else I’d be lie’n.

Farms do have sad deaths every year at the farm,

But in spring time new birth fills are our hearts and our arms.

This is why they say every farmer loves the Lord.

He is second to none, and right behind is his horde.

Little ones always running and chasing the pigs

Even in muddy water where the pigs like to dig.

Our children we love deep down in our core.

We raise them on farms where they work much much more.

Sure they kick and holler when they get up before dawn,

But it sure teaches kids what pride is predicated on.

The sweat of the brow, responsibility for others,

Loving the family, the sisters and brothers.

They buck when they’re young, hating the work,

But I promise as they grow, they know their life was a perk.

It is so special beyond any words that can be said,

As the farming life runs so deep on our tiny farmstead.

Do city folk know what farm life is about?

Faith, farm and family – that is what we tout.

No we arent preach’n to tell you to believe,

But at least you city folk could understand what we achieve.

You push your blue values on us as if to say,

That living your life, is the only way.

Well by golly, my friend, when you can explain to me

How that canning jar of Gramma’s has sentimentality,

Only then will I believe you know anything at all.

For us farmers think truly you bonked your head from a fall.

~ Lori Davis, #thepoetfarmer





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