The Poetic Conundrum Of Humanity (POEM)


Nature’s Nervous System/Humanity’s Pathways

The Poetic Conundrum Of Humanity (POEM)

I am fascinated by the struggles of humanity

As we ponder life’s meaning and divinity.

We struggle with concepts like infinity

And fight over proof of the trinity.

The hatred boils across society

As we reach this cross road of polarity.

We’ve lost the notion of solidarity

Fighting in the streets over ethnicity.

No one seems to grasp the disparity.

It has been lost on everyone, the notion of civility,

As all us humans just think singularity.

Our teenagers tweet on popularity

While living a life of mediocrity.

Our elders rage and tout seniority.

The middle class has been riddled with poverty.

The geopolitical stage is amassing volitility

While our nation’s economic state is one of fragility.

We worry incessantly about America’s hatred of the masses by the nobility

All while we miss the subtlety.

The truth is that life is one of simplicity

If we are willing to find our own authenticity.

It erases notions of femininity,

As a struggling force against masculinity.

It no longer defines us by our virginity.

Removing the obscentity about – identity.

When we truly find ourselves there is spirituality.

And only then will humanity find serenity.

It erases all sense of life’s futility.

It is here  where there is purity.

And this dear friends is the poetic conundrum of humanity.

(aka – the journey) L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

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