ReWild Me (POEM)


ReWild Me (POEM)

Rewild me, nature.

Take me away.

Fill up my lungs,

Brighten up my day.

Society is toxic,

The news I abhor.

It prattles about nothingness,

I try to ignore.

Rewild me, nature.

Fill up my soul.

Drip pixy crystals,

Deep in my core.

Dew drops on spiderwebs,

Filling my mind.

Awaken within me,

Nature’s beauty refined.

Rewild me, nature.

Help me stop keeping score,

Erase in my heart,

Our nation’s nasty societal war.

Rewild me, nature.

Please call me home.

Where beauty and simplicity

Is nature’s morning day poem.

Rewild me, nature.

I whisper in the night,

Just sweep me away,

On eagle wings I’ll take flight.

Rewild. Me. Nature.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

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