Two New Baby Kids Today – Too Cute!

Our last Nigerian Dwarf doe Bianca had her twins today – a girl and a boy.  They are too cute for words.  Bianca is such a good mama.  The kids were up and nursing within 15 minutes of being born which is amazing.  They are very healthy little ones.  The girl has extraordinary coloring – a beautiful variety of grey with black tips.  She is truly stunning.  She is already sold.  I would have kept her had I known she was going to turn out so beautiful but our customers come first.  What a beauty she is!

Here we go with the pictures.


The Boy Is Nursing And The Girl Is Standing Next To Mom


The Beautiful Doeling About One Hour Old


Another Great Shot Of The Doeling


Our Other Doeling Born March 1st Also Going To the Same Customer


Another Shot Of Other Doeling Already Sold – Born March 1.  Big And Healthy She Is!

Awesome day today at the barn!

All our Nigerian Dwarf does have had their babies now.  That makes it seven girls and two boys.  Wow, what a year for girls.  Also, all our sheep have lambed, four boys and one beautiful girl.  And now, it is time for our Boer and Boer/Nubian goats to have their babies!!

God Bless! L. Davis

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