The World’s Greatest Off The Grid Writers Cabin – A Photo Tour

I have loved to write all my life.  It started with a journal as a little girl, moving on to poetry and culminating in a career where I wrote all the time in a corporate marketing situation.  But, upon retirement I longed for the days and spaces to write through my own eyes again, not about technology and the whiz bang of stuff I no longer cared about.  I wanted the freedom to write about nature, rural America, farm life, simplier living, nastalgia – all the things I passionately care about.

I have published my first book, a collection of 26 poems about farm life and rural America/Americana that you can order here.mybookcover

But, today I wanted to write about my beautiful off the grid sanctuary; the ultimate tiny house.  This is the place where I write away from the noise of city life.  This cabin is buried deep in the woods of the mountains and is off the grid.  This is the place that takes my breath away and stirs my soul.  This is my beloved writers cabin built for me by my husband.  All the furniture, floors, shelves, wood stove, etc. was built and or installed by him.  The lumber for the floors he cut from trees he milled himself.  So, to are the beautiful pieces of furniture he built for me.  Check it out!  A writing cabin dream.


Peace And Solitude In The Mountains


Tiny Home Living At It’s Best


Mountain Home Visual Moniker


A Place To Write And Think – Think And Write – Or Just Breath


My Private Getaway


Where I Write My Poetry


Rustic Elegance All Built By My Husband – The Side Table Is A Hidden Toilet – Genius!


Another Shot Of My Writers Desk – So Pretty


Where I Rest, Read And Think


Floors, Furniture And Everything Inside Built With Love By My Husband For Me


Peace Lives Here


Notice The Shelf Above The Door My Husband Made For My Bobcat


Beauty Is Found In Simplicity – An Antique Fishing Basket


Every Story Starts With A Rocking Chair


Nature Calls One Outside


The Best Mountain Off The Grid Retreat Of All Time


Off The Grid Living In Stencil


My Cathedral Deep In The Woods


Angels Do Indeed Live Here


Rustic Elegance And Living The Old Way Is A Good Way To Live


Escape The Noise – Let The Mountains Take You Home


Encapsulating All That Was And All That Can Still Be


Nature Ignites The Soul


The Woods Calling Me Home

God Bless! L. Davis

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