Wow, So Who Says Homesteading Isn’t A Global Trend!

I am always so amazed at where our readers come from around the globe.  We write about farming and homesteading; basically getting back to a simpler life.  Seems like a simple topic / simple theme.  But, it is our passion.  So much so, I have to write poetry about it.  My best days are days on the farm.

Well, just to show you how many others are interested in these same topics, here is a list of the countries that people are from that have visited this site in just the last 16 days alone.  This is AMAZING!  Ready…..

United States, India, Canada, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Croatia, France, Australia, Austria, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Belgium, Ukraine, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Russia and Romania.

THAT IS 20 COUNTRIES.  First, thank you all for reading our blog.  But, also, GOOD FOR YOU!  That means you all care about these topics that tie us all closer to the land, our food and the local communities that do this work.  That is fabulous.

Thank you again and if there are topics you prefer reading and wish I would cover, just let me know.  We are here to be a resource to all of you and to share in a wonderful journey that is both profound and poetic.  That is why there is so much poetry and photography on this site along with content.  We are so moved by what we do it unleashes true creativity all while we live out our dreams on our homestead.

God Bless! L. Davis



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