Amazing Recovery ~ The Duck Lives!


Our Injured Duck

I am so floored at the amazing healing power in the body.

This poor duck of ours above, our only male Pekin and thus necessary for breeding our girls, was impaled in the chest last week.  We have no idea how or why.  He was standing by the barn gates waiting for us.  We picked him up and he had a huge hole in his chest.  You could literally see the heart beating inside the open wound.

So, what do you do on a farm?  Well, you fix’em up.  But, for sure this was the most amazing recovery I have EVER SEEN on our farm!

I collected him up and put him in a crate in our garage to calm him down.  Later, I created a saline solution and flushed out the interior of the wound.  Then, I patted it dry and put blood stop powder on gauze over the wound.  Then my husband helped me wrap him all around with gauze wrapping.  Then, we duck taped it all (no pun intended!).

We let him chill like that for 24 hours in his little crate in the garage with food and water.  He could see everything but stay calm and couldnt move too much.  We tended to him today, opening up the wrapping to check the wound.  I was ready to do sutures on the poor guy.  Low and behold THE ENTIRE WOUND HAD CLOSED and was totally healing.  I could never have imagined a wound that big closing up that fast.  Amazing.

Needless to say, we love this duck.  He is totally chill and lets us hold him and work on him and love him.  He is the coolest bird ever!

So, he is in the garage still and we have disinfected his healing wound some more to keep it really clean.  Now he is getting spoiled with all our leafy green vegetables from the kitchen.

Amazing.  What an awesome bird.

The healing power of nature is truly mind binding.

God Bless! L. Davis

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