Why Do My Ewes Have Their Lambs On The Coldest Nights Of The Year?

I have been waiting all month for my sheep to have their lambs.  The udders are huge and I think every morning they are going to be hopping around in the lambing stall.  But, no.  They like to wait until it is REALLY cold outside and the snow is flying before they have their break out into the real world.  Go figure!

So, since it is really cold today, of course I go out to the barn and have twin boys born to Patches, our most amazing grand dam Navajo Churro Sheep.  They are two absolutely huge lambs.  Pictures will be coming tomorrow.  One is solid black with gorgeous eyes.  The other is such a completely stellar ram lamb we have decided to keep him.  His markings are truly extraordinary with white socks and a white face mask but is his wool coloring that is so magnificant.  It is a steely metallic gray.  It is truly gorgeous.  So, I will have a new breeding ram for sure!  Once again, pictures are forthcoming tomorrow.  That makes our tally three as of now, three boys.  One of our other sheep had her first lamb this year that was premature likely due to being headbutted by her fellow ewe.

On other fronts, I swear we are vet central here at the farm.  I do a great deal of my own vet care as most farmers do as vet costs would kill any farm if you had to call them every time you have a sick animal.  However, I will be having the vet out next week.  I literally have five sick animals to tend too but all are doing well just with really quirky issues.

First, our dog was bit in his ear and a plastic drain plug was installed to drain the puss.  I would remove it if I knew how it was inserted but I dont know.  I dont want to risk tearing the healed ear and since the vet is coming out next week, she will do that.  Second, I have a doe who has an absessed tooth.  Since she has had it before, it is likely a sharp tooth that needs to be filed down.  I will need the vet for that.  Then I have a little doeling who did the jailbreak last week and ended up in the horse stall.  It appears the horse bit her in the back and did some nerve damage to her hind end.  She will likely be a pet from now on.  Then, I had a sheep who was head butted by the other ewes and threw a pre-mature lamb due to the incident.  Fortunately, the lamb survived an early delivery.  But, the little guy is blind as of now.  So, I am bottle feeding the little buggger four times a day.  He is growing fast and doing well but the vet will check his eyes and see how the vision is progressing.  I will also have my entire heard tested for CAE and other tests which I do every couple of years to assure peak health in my flock.  Last, it appears one of our ducks impaled himself somehow in the pasture.  He has a big chest wound but is completely fine otherwise.  It is completely wierd.  so we will be suturing him up tomorrow and doing a round of antibiotics.  We have a very very low mortality rate on our farm.  That is a great thing.  We work hard to keep our animals very healthy.  We tend to be able to save most little critters.  I just end up with alot of PETS versus livestock due to our ability to save them but not be able to have them fully recover.  Animals are like small kids.  You learn this soon on a farm.  They get hurt too.  So, that is the case this spring on the farm.  Injuries yet zero mortalities.  But, now likely a few very darling pets;  one who follows me around now blind because he smells milk, a three legged limping baby doeling, a really friendly waddling duck…and the list goes on!

Anyway, here is my new best friend now living in my garage while we stitch him up and have him recover.  And a really cute shot of my husband bottle feeding ‘Little Man’.


Our Duck Who Hurt Himself Now In Our Garage With A Big Bandage On His Chest


My Husband Bottle Feeding Our Blind Premature Lamb Who Loves His Bottle!

Anyway, that is life on the farm.  This is why I write poetry about farm life.  There are so many heart tugs that go into a single day on the farm, it just begs one to write poetry.

We hope you have had a blessed week.

~ L. Davis

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