Cutest Baby Lamb Ever! My Hubby Bottle Feeding The Little Guy..And More Farm Life Updates

Well, it is one of those crazy days on the farm.

I posted this morning that we arrived in the barn to a new lamb, who had been born in the night, and meandered into another animal pen away from mom.  Well, he is doing well now.  But, his mom’s udder is not filling up much and he therefore can not nurse.  So, here is the cutest picture ever of my two favorite boys at present!


My Husband Bottling Feeding “Little Man”

On other farm news, we had a jail break with the little baby goats.  They were having a blast running around the center of the barn.  I will show you a bunch of pictures below.  However, the sad news is the beautiful little white doeling was enamored by the horse, as you will see in one of the pictures.  Unfortunately, after I left the barn sometime this afternoon it looked like she got injured.  I cant tell yet, but she is limping on a hind end and I think a horse may have stepped on her.  Or, she got stuck sliding under the stall wall to get in with the horse.  Hips can dislocate really easy when they are newborns.  Anyway, I can not tell if it is a serioius injury or minor one.  It will take a few days to assess.  That is a very unfortunate thing.  Then, one of my prized does got an abscess in her tooth.  I will need to let it work its way out as I do not want to puncture it and cause problems with her eating and health while she is nursing three little ones.

Like all mornings at the farm, there were huge joys today and some sadness, seeing a little one hurt and a mama with a sore tooth.  But, here you go on some of the cute pictures of the day along with other accomplishments we achieved today as well.

We had a new little ram lamb born this morning.


Have The Cold Frame Up And Ready


My Seedstarts Outside Hardening Off


Our Fertile Turkey Eggs Just Went In The Incubator This Eve


Our Free-Range Meat Rabbits Are going Crazy/Mating Like Rabbits


Our Gorgeous Rams Chilling Away From Their Ladies While They Have Babies


Our Grand Sire Buck And His Two Wether Friends Chill While The Ladies give Birth Too


Nala Posing With Her Little Ones


Cool Shot Of Nala And Her Babies – They Were Just Disbudded Today


Making Friends After The Jail Break


Can We Go On Milking Stand Too Mom?


We Climb On Everything


Perfect Capture Of Me And My Husband


Digital Effect – Play Time!


I Am Too Pretty For Words! – I Just Got Disbudded This Morning


Our Boer And Nubian Does Looking On


Yum, Hay Is Good


Exploring Taste


I Am A Goat But I Sorta Look Like A Cat Right Now

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 7.36.35 PM

Publishing House I Was Just Asked To Write For On Homesteading And Self Sufficiency

I hope you all enjoyed the photos!

God Bless! L. Davis

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