Our Third Doe Had Triplets Today – See The Pictures And The Birthing Process!

— A Bunch Of Pictures Are Below This Background Of Today’s Barn Events —

Boy life on the farm right now is a flurry.  Three of our four Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats have had kids with the third doe, our favorite, having triplets today.  Asiago is a very special goat to us and I have written poetry about her.  That poem will be added to the bottom of this entry so you will see why we love her so much.

So today, March 1st, my husband and I just had a sense more babies were going to be born and we would see a bunch more cute faces when we entered the barn.  But, no new babies – just the four born over the last several days.  After chores I sat down inside the kidding stall to play with the baby goats and watched and watched my two does still due to deliver.  Asiago was beginning to show real signs of labor.  She is always hard to read as she will have false labor signs up to a week before she actually delivers.

But, after about one hour in the stall I knew it was time.  I called my husband to come and assist and we helped Asiago give birth to three lovely little doelings.  We now have one buckling and six doelings.  That is VERY RARE I have to say.  Usually you have more boys than girls.  And we have alot of doelings this spring.  Maybe God knows something that we dont and homesteaders are going to need dairy goats very soon.  Who knows, but it is very rare to have so many little doelings born in that ratio.

Asiago was pushing up to 20 minutes and at that time I knew I had to assist.  I put on my medical gloves and felt inside to see where the baby was at.  The baby’s head was forward in the correct position but its legs were back underneath it, versus the dive position.  So, I had to reach inside and push the baby back to position the head and feet correctly and together Asiago and I pulled the baby out.  It was a healthy very big solid black doeling.

The second baby came out on her own about four minutes afterward.  She was a healthy solid white big girl.  It is amazing how big these babies are and that Asiago had three inside of her.

It was then about ten minutes between the second and the third delivery.  But, this baby was NOT coming out.  Asiago had pushed and pushed and was getting very fatiqued.  My husband was working to clean off the other babies to help Asiago with her work so that Asiago could finish her delivery.

Asiago looked back at me and I knew what I had to do as she and I have teamed on her deliveries before.  I had to go inside with new gloves to assure sanitation and pull the baby out with all my might as Asiago couldnt get her out.  She pushed and I pulled only having the head as I couldnt find the feet and we worked together.  Out came yet another healthy big beautiful black doeling.  It can be stressful when homesteaders do this, but you have to get the baby out or it can kill the mother.  And, after so much time, there comes a time when you simply have to do the hard thing.  Fortunately, we have always been blessed with healthy babies even when I have to assist in delivery.

I learned about ten years ago how to deliver and tend to goats on my own as we did not have veterinarians within two hours of us where we used to live.  Ultimately, all farmers learn a great deal on how to help their livestock deliver, over time.

While we are an organic farm, we do have to use medications when the life of one of our animals is at stake.  In this case, while Asiago is doing great.  I will be administering penicillin for her due to the fact that I was inside her and that prevents infection.  Since we are organic, her milk would not be used for any organic products for a period of time, until the medicine clears her body.  Of course, the medicine is fine when the babies are nursing on her.

So, here is the photo journey of today.


This Is Asiago Going Into Active Labor – This Is What They Look Like Looking Back At Their Belly


Asiago Is Being Harrassed By Another Doe’s Baby While She Is In Early Labor


Another Doeling Playing With Asiago While Asiago Is In Early Labor


Asiago In More Active Labor As Baby Moves Down Birth Canal


Another Cute Baby (Buckling) Watching The Delivery On His High Perch The Protein Block


Asiago Has Gotten Up And Is Back Down Moving Into Active Pushing Very Near


Mike Is Babysitting Other Babies So They Stop Jumping On Asiago Who Is Now In Full Labor


Mike Is Obviously A Good Babysitter As They Start Falling Asleep On Him


Crazy But Asiago Got Up And Let Another Doe’s Baby Nurse For A Moment As Her Mother Instincts Are On Full Gear At This Point.  This Was Between Labor Pains.


I Had To Go In And Assist And Here I Am Drying Off And Clearing Out Passageways Of The First Baby


You Can See How Close Asiago And Mike Are – Big Love.  Here Two Babies Are Out And the Third Is Still Inside though The Amniotic Sac Is Partway Out


Meanwhile Other Doelings Recently Born Are Now Resting After The Labor Where They Watched


While Mike And I Help Clean, Asiago Is Also Busilly Cleaning Them All Off


Amazingly Within 30 Minutes The First Two Are Trying To Nurse Already.  Mike Is Working On Rubbing And Getting Blood Flow And Electrical System Flow Through The Third Baby Who Was Last


First Two Doelings Are Up And Moving And Third Is Down Just Beginning To Learn How To Use Her Limbs


Now Asiago Is Up And Feeling Better and All Three Babies Are Up And Moving – This Is All About 45 Minutes After First Serious Labor Pushing Believe It Or Not


Now Mama And Babies Are All Good – All Have Bose Shots And Ambilical Cord Tied Off With Iodine And Nursing


All Are Learning How To Nurse Now


Other Doeling From Another Doe Is Busy Harrassing The Last Doe To Have Her Babies


Mike Now Cleaning Up the Stall And All The Does Are Lined Up For Love And Headrubs!  They Love Him.


Asiago Finally Lays Down To Rest With Her Now 2 Hour Old Doelings And She Gets A Visit From Another Doeling Wanting To Play With Her New Friends


Asiago Will Be Cleaning Ongoing For A While As She Makes Sure They Are Clean And Their Ambilical Cord Stays Free Of Dirt That Causes Infection

So, that was our heart warming morning.  This goat is truly a spectacular mother.  I have never seen another goat let other babies that are not her own nurse on them before they give birth.  That mothering instinct is so strong with Asiago.  And, she lets other babies jump up on her big belly like a trampoline, even while in labor.  We would remove the babies and she would talk to them wanting them to come back.

So, in closing I am going to share the poem I wrote about our favorite doe Asiago.  I wrote this a couple of years ago.


Tired and achy, she stretches and yawns

she rubs her head on the stall wall.

The bah of sheep sound so far away

as she drifts in and out …. she’s preparing.

Her udder is filling, her hips displacing

as the dip in her hind tells time’s near.

Tired and achy, she stretches and yawns

she rubs her head again, on the stall wall.

Pawing the ground, a bed she makes

only to hop up moments later.

Dusk slips toward moonlight

painting deep blues on barn walls.

The sheep are now sleeping.  The horses down too.

She waits and waits some more.

The babies are moving, but mama is tired.

She rubs her head again, on the stall wall.

I enter the barn, it’s very late now.

My headlamp shines on her belly.

Big she is, I say to her.  I softly rub her head.

She leans her body into mine and I lean back to her.

I hold her there in the dead of night.

In reality it is she who holds me.

My favorite doe, she is I say, as I’ve delivered her babies many times.

She struggles with birth as her hips are narrow,

I go in and assist when she calls.

She knows I am there as she is for me.

Tired and achy, she stretches and yawns.

This time she rubs her head on my heart.

I stay with her, and let her rub, as I can do much better than the stall wall.

At last, in the morning with the sun’s first burst,

she delivers three perfect little kids.

Two boys and one girl, I smile as she cleans them.

Tired and achy she stretches and yawns.

Tired and achy I stretch and yawn too…..

I lean my head on the stall wall.


~ Two Mothers, for Asiago

~L. Davis, The Poet Farmer



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