If You Have To Dispatch A Predator On Your Farm – Here Is An Idea

On our farm we love our livestock and really dislike predators who kill our livestock as we now have an issue to deal with.  We absolutely love wildlife however and put up with coyotes, coywolves, bear, bobcat, foxes, raccoons, etc. because we appreciate all life, including predator wildlife.

But, as many farmers know, when you cant trap a predator that is killing your animals you have to shoot it.  On our farm we have only had to kill one predator who killed ten of our ducks.

Instead of dumping the carcass like many do, here is what we did with the beautiful animal instead.  We can use this fox now as a teaching tool for young people about the magnificance of this animal in order to educate young farmers, but at the same time, preserve our chicken and duck population here at the farm.

I believe this is one of the most stellar taxidermy jobs I have ever seen done!  This fox that I shot this last fall has been mounted and is stunning from every direction you look at it, even the back.  Our taxidermist wins national awards and you can see why.  All are taken in different light so it looks different – but as you can see, every angle is stunning!

God Bless! L. Davis





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