Another Doe Gives Birth Today – How It Should Go!!

We are thrilled to introduce another little doeling today from our first time kidding doe – Squirt.  Squirt is 1 1/2 years old and this is her first kidding.  She did great.  I can say this because we had to do absolutely nothing – and that is how it usually rolls with Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  I had noticed that Squirt’s udder had really bagged up yesterday and this morning.  I randomly went down to the barn at lunch today to check and everything was A-ok.  But, then I saw what is called the amniotic sac in the middle of the pen and was confused as I didnt see any new baby goats.

Low and behold, I counted the baby goats and there were now four versus three.  What had happened was our first time kidding doe Squirt had already given birth, completely dried off the baby (she had a single which is normal for first time mothers) and the baby was bigger than the three triplets that were born last week.  The new little girl was bigger than all the rest and looks very similar to one of the little girls born last week with awesome coloring of cream on black.  When I realized she was a new born and not one of the other newborns from last week I smiled and was quite happy it went so smoothly for her.

I immediately put iodine on the ambilical cord and gave the newborn a BOSE shot with is selenium and vitamin E.  I then picked up the amniotic sac and removed it from the stall and took it all the way to the house to dispose of.  The fact the new mother did not try to eat it to remove it, she doesnt know that it can draw coyotes and predators.  It is very important to remove such scents from the barn to protect the young ones.

Here are some pictures –


This Is Squirt – The New Mama Looking Great Having Just Delivered


This Is Squirt’s New Doeling Born at Noon


This Is Squirt And Her Baby Together – Hard To Believe This Little One Is Only About An Hour Old Here


Meanwhile Nala’s Litter Is Happy And Playing – They Are 7 Days Old


More Play Pics Of Nala’s Troop – I Love The Charcoal Color Of The Doeling In The Front

Well, it is another exciting day at the farm with more new babies all the time!

~ God Bless! L. Davis

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