Restless Night With New Borns In The Barn

Well it is that time of year again, kidding and lambing time!  It is so exciting.  You can read about our great kidding adventure we had last night right here at – Baby Goats Just Born

It is wonderous to have the little ones in the barn.  I blogged late in the eve last night as we arrived home to our first doe in labor for which we had to go in and assist.  What a blessing to have all the little ones and mama deliver with everyone healthy.

But, I have to tell you, the nights are always restless when you button up the barn an hour or two after new borns arrive and head to the house for some needed sleep.  While I did get some sleep, everything in the night woke me as I anxiously awaited morning to go see the babies again.  My dogs whimpering to each other as the cuddled outside sounded like coyotes.  Of course I had to get up to check on that.  But, no coyotes.  I am always cautious when we have little ones that can draw predators from the area.  My dreams were deep and unsettling but nothing I can really put my finger on.  This is all mother nature kicking in as our doe and also me become very protective to assure all our critters are safe and secure.

After being up off and on over the night, I woke my husband at 4am and said, “hey honey, let’s go to the barn!”  That is of course about three hours too early on most occasions.

Since my husband is such a trooper, he agreed.  We bundled up, hopped in our ATV and went down to the barn.  The animals were all happy as everyone got their grain earlier than usual.

To our delight the three baby goats – two doelings and one buckling – were doing superb.  They were asleep but awoke upon our arrival and were moving around, talking to each other and their mama and looking for milk.  All was well in the barn and the kids were doing wonderfully.

I sat on an upsidedown trashcan / grain bin watching and holding the little cuties while my husband fed the horses, sheep, goats and bunnies.  I loved on Nala, the mom, all the while.

With the subtle light glowing yellow through the barn and the sound of critters munching away, I always stop and think what I wonderful life my husband and I have.  It is such a blessing to live this life and be so close to such amazing beauty and new life.  This is truly one of my favorite times of the year — and that excitement that wakes me up at 4am to nudge my husband to get his overalls on — is what makes every day so thrilling on a farm.

God Bless ! – L. Davis

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