Battling Cancer & God

There are times in one’s life when we all catch our breath; when the world just sweeps the feet out from under us.  Wild raging torrents of fear, uncertainty and adversity seem to grip us all, at times.  These are the times when we get down on bended knee and pray.

Not everyone does so.  Not everyone gets down on bended knee to pray, to completely surrender to the Lord while crying out for help and/or healing.  No, not everyone does so.

At HiBar Ranch we are strong Christians.  We lean on God always, not just in good times but in bad.  I thank the Lord every day for our faith.  I am not sure without our faith, how we would be able to entertain new adventures, changes and struggles that this world so eloquently throws our way so often.  Fortunately, our faith helps us carry on and follow through.  It is what gives us hope in a world riddled with pain and suffering.  It is what helps us keep a smile on, even when loved ones are battling cancer.

We have a family member who is dealing with what is basically a terminal cancer situation.  But, through prayers and much chemo, radiation and new experimental medical treatment, his tumors have been neutralized, for now.

We got this news yesterday.  We are so thrilled to be able to say with a positive and resounding voice, “thank you Lord.”

As we spend our days in retirement tending to our two farm properties, and carrying for a loved one who struggles with the notion of living and dying, we see how important faith is.  The world is twisting and turning in ways that we have not seen in our lifetimes.  There is wretched grief and anger, resentment and fury being unleashed upon the masses almost daily.  But, in our tiny little corner of the world – we stay on bended knee – praying.  We ask the Lord to guide us each day and to show us light and love, patience and understanding.

Today we celebrate the great news of our family member battling cancer.  And, we stop and thank the Lord and thank the medical establishment for the groundbreaking treatments that are changing the life course and life span of those who are battling cancer.

While we are an organic farm and subscribe to wellness and healthy eating, we are not diametrically opposed to modern medicine.  There are times when drugs are used TOO much to treat but at the same time there are amazing new breakthroughs that are saving lives.

I guess that is like everything in life.  It appears that our nation is so polarized just like views on medicine and almost everything else.  Except when one looks closer at almost anything, things are never truly black or white/right or wrong.  Usually, the answers and also progress as a whole, lies somewhere in the middle.

We today can say, thank you modern medicine, for giving our family member a longer life expectancy than we even thought possible at Christmas.  And, thank you Lord for being so actively engaged in this life of ours and our loved ones.

Valentines day was yesterday.  It was fitting to get such wonderful news yesterday.  But, for me – Valentines day should be everyday.  We should be celebrating those we love, that are living, in special ways all the time.

I understand that this is really not a farm/homesteading post like my typical blog.  But, in a way, to me it is all connected.  Life, living, choices, faith, farming, healthy food, wellness, spirituality – to me it is all rolled up into a ball called “our journey”.  And, we use this blog to share our journey with all of you.

We offer our prayers to all of you that are struggling out there or who are really examining life and purpose.  Being on bended knee sometimes really does help when other things dont.  We send our prayers your way.

From one cowgirl/cowboy to another, the Cowboy’s prayer is always a good one.

The Cowboy’s Prayer
This is the poem used By Roy Rogers at all his riders club meetings

Oh Lord, I reckon I’m not much just by myself.
I fail to do a lot of things I ought to do.
But Lord, when trails are steep and passes high,
Help me ride it straight the whole way through.
And when in the falling dusk I get the final call,
I do not care how many flowers they send —
Above all else the happiest trail would be
For You to say to me, “Let’s ride, My friend.”   ~ Amen


God Bless! L. Davis

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