You Take My Breath Away (POEM)


A Private Moment I Captured Of My Husband With  Our Horses

You Take My Breath Away (POEM)

I watch you my husband


Often, when you dont know I am looking.

This morning, even,

Doing chores.

Your love, your devotion,

It is palatable.

It permeates all that is this place.

You take my breath away,


Just like from the beginning.

I have watched you my husband,


Even when you never knew,

I was looking.

Your loving tenderness

Is grace on fire.

Like with the horses this morning,

Even they know.

As you walk them out,

They lean into you.

The way we all lean into you too.

Such amazing strength,

Are the stoic loving ways

Of great men.

These are the men I admire.

You take my breath away always.

Every hour, every moment,

Every day.

Your grace, Gods blessing,

Bestowed upon me.

Unbelievable! I think.

Why me?

I love you and will love you always.

As your ways, in your small gestures,

Always show me that I am loved.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

For my husband, who knows not that I write this.  As I watched him so lovingly tend to our animals this morning, and I with camera in hand, captured both in picture and in my heart, the great loving ways of this most amazing man.

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