Black Widow Spider (POEM)


Black Widow Spider (POEM)

This poem I wrote a while back after picking up the sheer evil and hatred radiating from a woman that simply hated men.  It was so piercing, the hatred, I wrote this poem stream of consciousness in less than five minutes.  The negativity literally poured through me that she sent and it went directly to pen on paper.  Learning more about this woman years later, it was amazing how accurate this poem really was.  I had no idea at the time, just coursing evil.  The nuance and truths in this poem were real.  I never knew it when I wrote it.  The power of sensing, somtimes, it just flows, and that is when my poetry really happens – pure stream of consciousness writing what I sense around me.

Her legs are long with talons at edges,

She dangles by strands and creates ugly wedges.

Weaver with black eyes, black heart and all;

She intricately laces legends of lovers who fall.

Her red wicked belly it drags on the floor;

I feel her blood pumping and pumping some more.

She wonders at love and casts hers aside,

As she wrestles with long ago becoming a broken bride.

All black widow women, they hiss and they scream;

Blaming the men for their inability to dream.

They weave sticky web

And cast them all in.

They paint good hearted men with a big red mark of sin.

They scamper away when the light shows their color,

As they know deep inside they’ve lost a love for one another.

They’ve swapped out compassion for something more tricky…

They use their wicked web, it’s a death trap so sticky.

Beware says the raven as she flies up above,

There is nothing in this dark place that resembles anything called love.

Black widow spider you live for the dark,

Your life will end up with something equally stark.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

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