Heart Ache And Back Break – Life On The Farm (POEM)


Three Generations Of Our Family Working The Farm – Putting Hay Up For The Winter


I lie here flat, on back, broken.

The pain, it radiates through my core.

Deadlifting hay elevators, he said,

Wasnt smart.

He was right.

WHAT is a hay elevator?

City people ask.

WHY the hay elevator?

Rural people ask.

The first question, along with all the other stupid questions,

Radiate from those who have no clue where food comes from.

The second question, obviously comes from those who know.

I lie here flat, on back, broken,

The pain, it radiates through my core.

Us farmers, we lift, we twist, we turn.

We bend to the ways of the land.

We respond to ravaging ways of weather.

We fight, for food, when ignorance drives the food system.

And, yes, on occasion, we get hurt.

I lay prone today, injured,

I concur, I shouldn’t have deadlifted that hay elevator.

But like every farmer says,

We had to get the hay in.

Our life and our ways, require it.

We get up, we do,

We get’er done.

The hay elevator is up,

And, the hay is in the barn.

The farm continues for yet another day.

This is not the pain that gets me.

The pain that gets me,

Is society’s complete separation from their food supply.

It is that lack of awareness of the things that get them their food.

It is the recognition of hay elevator and what it is for.

It is the awareness of the efforts farmers put in,

And the injuries and back break they experience,

Simply to git’er done.

Learning about life on a farm, should be taught.

Before America’s farms,

Lie flat, on back, broken.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

Writing this morning about my pulled back and how while it is painful, the pain is worth it, to get things done on our farm.  And, it captures the realization of how much people do not understand what farmers go through, and their commitment, just to get food on the plates of America.


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