ReUse On A Farm – What To Do With Bone, Horns, Hides and More


An Example On Pinterest Of The Artistry Possible

On our ranch and farm we leave nothing to waste.  And, with writers and artists in the family, we tend to create works of art the way the old folks did.  And, when I say old folks, I am talking the ancients.

My daughter, at age five, would play outside weaving grasses to make bowls, placemats, bracelets and head ornaments.  She never played with plastic toys.  And, we didnt have her on technology.  In fact, we raised her on old dvds of Roy Rogers and John Wayne.  As a pre-teen she had never even heard of Brad Pitt.  Truth.  She has been that way ever since; tied to the land, able to see art in natural resources and is creative beyond belief.  But, her creativity is not like her age group – it is more like that of the ancient ones.

As an adult and one interested in utilizing our natural resources, she and I began talking recently about a set of projects/products we are working on here at the farm.  That project is butchering.  We raise our own organic meats and vegetables.  But, what to do with all the side resources that in earlier days our forefathers utilized that today we throw away?

So, for all of you artisans out there I am offering three links to my farm’s pinterest site that shows you some of the amazing things you can do with hides, horns, bone and skulls of the animals you butcher.

You will be amazed at the beauty there is to create!

What to do with hides, tanning, leather

What to do with horns – Horn Art

What to do with bone – Bone Art

So here is some interesting trivia.  Do you know why we had the stone age and the bronze age and didnt really ever hear about the bone age?  Ever wonder why that is when bone was used as a resource universally back in the old and prehistoric days?

Bone is stronger than wood and softer than rock and was thus used for hundreds of applications in pre-history, from flutes dating back over 30,000 years, houses for which the oldest houses ever recorded are 30,000 years old and made of mammoth bones, hoes, knives, fleshers, sickles, wrenches, fishhooks, awls, etc.  However, it did not universally preserve well and thus the finds associated with old bone relics is not as ample as stone and bronze works.

And, did you know the oldest dice that archeologists have found are 8,000 years old and made of bone!  Yes, shaman and hunters used the ankle bone of sheep and oxen.  These bones -later called astragali by the  Greeks- were chosen because they are roughly cube-shaped, with two rounded sides that couldn’t be landed on, and four flat ones that could.   The first dice throwers weren’t gamers, though -they were religious shamans who used astragali (as well as sticks, rocks, or even animal entrails) for divination, the practice of telling the future by interpreting signs from the gods. How did these early dice make their way from the shaman to the layman? According to David Schwartz in Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling:

The line between divination and gambling is blurred. One hunter, for example, might say to another, “If the bones land short side up, we will search for game to the south; if not, we look north,” thus using the astragali to plumb the future. But after the hunt, the hunters might cast bones to determine who would go home with the most desirable cuts.

Learn more about ancient bone dice here Bone Used For Ancient Dice By Shamans

Now that is interesting!

Enjoy creating with the things we used to throw away, BUT SHOULDN’T!

God Bless ! L. Davis


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