Thank You World For Embracing “Back To The Land” – A Year In Review For Our Blog


I have been an avid follower of all things farming and food every since my daughter, now 20, was diagnosed with extreme food allergies all the way back in 1997.  Back then there was little known of gluten and corn allergies, or the very negative effects of Penicillin when given in too large a quantity to little babies.  My daughter was on Omoxycillin for nearly two years as a baby for ear infections.  Now we know it destroys good gut bacteria and makes children highly sensitive to foods and also builds yeast that is nearly impossible to cure, in their bodies.

I have farmed and written on these subjects, but mostly have spent time frantically reading labels in food stores and researching online to understand more about how to get my daughter healthy enough to survive the onslaught of germs and environmental toxins that hurt her while not really affecting others around her.  As many parents now know, it is really hard to have your kid NOT eat pizza when all the other kids are.  The sheer struggle to get non-allergy reacting foods in your child while all their peers are living on soda pop and food dyes, gluten and corn, is about as frustrating an experience any parent can have.  Many of you know what I am referring to from your own experiences.

In recent years I have started a blog on how to live a more self reliant lifestyle and how to help get your family and kids off of packaged foods and back to the land.  This has all been driven by my early experience in food allergies.

I wanted to thank all of you who follow our blog.  For 2016 alone we have had visitors to our blog from 49 countries.  That is amazing.  And, I have received comments and story sharing from so many of you who are also beginning or continue on this journey toward healthier food, bodies and minds.  For our family, this is all nicely packaged up into the concept of homesteading.

49 Countries our blog visitors come from in 2016 alone.  Just wow!

Thank you for your curiousity, support and engagement.  And, I encourage you to continue to follow us in 2017 as we extend our publishing and product development to get more information, ideas, projects and products out to all of you to help you and the ones you love get back to basics and closer to the land and your food.

God Bless! L. Davis

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