Frosty Morning Chores – Who Can Ever Tire Of These Faces?

I truly love farm life.  While it might be cold and we may be a tad stressed since it is Christmas week, as in time to be prepped and ready – I NEVER tire of going to see our critters who happily greet us in the morning.

This was my morning today.


Our Pregnant Goats Are Outside Waiting For Mom


The Ducks Waddle Up From The Pond Wanting Their Grain Too


The Sheep Want Grain But Are Happy For Their Wool This Cold Morning


The Horses Peak Out From Their Stalls Excited It Is Breakfast Time


Billy Hates Being Last For The Grain And Hay


But Bobby, Our Calf, Gets To The Grain Bucket In My Hand First


Two Happy Grain Eaters


Is This Not The Cutest Face?


This Is Truly The Cutest Calf Ever

So, yah…..that is how I start my morning every day.  It truly is such a blessing to live this life and have such a wonderful farm.  We also have alpaca, chickens, rabbits, honey bees, dogs, cats and red wiggler composting worms too, but who needs pictures of EVERY critter on our farm this morning!!  This holiday season I reflect on all that I have in my life and am thankful.

My you have a joyeous Christmas and for all you homesteaders, I am sure you too understand the joys I reference here and God Bless You!! In your journeys for 2017.

~ Lori Davis

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