New Additions To The Farm !!

We  love farm life.  And, I love writing about the great lifestyle that comes along with homesteading.  You can find my latest cover story article and case study in the Jan./Feb. addition of Countryside Magazine, the nations top homesteading magazine for us rural folk.

Link to the Magazine

Well, photos are forthcoming but we have some of the cutest additions to the farm this last month – two cows, nine ducks and two boer goats.

We have named our black baldy cow Billy and our little Hereford Bobby – thus Billybob – when I bring them their grain they come to their joint name.  It is just too catchy.  But, of course our daughter calls the little hereford Chicken, as in eat more Chicken, as she does not want us to butcher him for meat.


Calves Are TOO CUTE!

It has been such a treat over the last few weeks getting the cow and calf acclimated to our farm.  I have never spent so much time studying fecal matter in my life honestly.  Why?  Well, cows tell alot by their poop.  Indeed, after transport and during transition to a new location their health and well being are observable through their poop.  They started with soft stools upon arrival but after several days they both settled in and now they follow me with my grain bucket and let me scratch and love on them.  Calf eyes are to die for.  They truly are a fun animal to have on the farm.

Our other two new arrivals are boer goats.  Boer goats are a meat goat breed.  We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats which are dairy goats, but wanted to add meat breeding into our herd.  We acquired a pure bred boer doe and a nubian boer cross doe that we will be breeding this winter.


Boer Doe With Her Kids

We also brought to the farm nine ducks to hang with our lone duck named Quacker.  Unfortunately, foxes killed some of our duck population so I had to remove the fox.  Now our pond is full of a plethora of ducks happily quacking away.  They waddle up to the barn for their grain and peck at the baby goats to get them away from their grain.  It is too funny really.  Being at our farm is like running a child day care, truly.  All our animals have such hilarious and unique personalities; it is truly a treat to do our chores and spend time with our AMFAM.

We will be posting pictures shortly but for now I wanted to give a shout out to the new critters and wish everyone a happy holiday season!

God Bless! L. Davis

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